The Secret Service Visits The Bare Facts

On November 9, 1994, I answered my front door and greeted two Secret Service agents. They politely showed me their badges and explained they needed to talk, but it wasn't anything serious. I knew I hadn't printed any counterfeit money and I like President Clinton, so I was mystified. They wanted to talk about Francisco Martin Duran, who used a rifle to shoot at the White House a few weeks before on October 29, 1994. Duran had driven from his home in Colorado to Washington D.C. in his truck. After Duran was captured, the Secret Service found a copy of The Bare Facts Video Guide in the pick-up bed!

The Secret Service thought The Bare Facts Video Guide was a swinger's directory that might give insight into Duran's character or some other leads. They wanted to know how he might have gotten a copy of the book and if there was any other products that The Bare Facts sells. I told them Duran must have purchased the book at a bookstore, because I didn't sell it directly to him and I don't sell anything else. They probed to determine if Duran might be working for me. Unfortunately for the Secret Service, there was no connection between The Bare Facts and Duran other than he was a reader of the book. The agents walked away empty handed, except for a couple of autographed copies of The Bare Facts Video Guide.

I hope that readers of The Bare Facts Video Guide will leave their books at home before committing any crime or act of national indiscretion. Better yet, do not attempt any criminal activity, just stay home and watch videos! Thank you.