What Others Have to Say About
The Bare Facts Video Guide

"Sleazy? Sure. Popular? You bet." - People magazine

"Good nudes for videophiles" - Video Review magazine

"Get the book. Start enjoying life." - Adult Video News magazine

"After all, what's a pause button for?" - Entertainment Weekly magazine

"The single most valuable source of information for those who want to find their way through the thicket of sex on video." - Al Goldstein in Penthouse magazine

"it just may be the best reference book on adult-oriented video ever" - Al Goldstein in Penthouse magazine

"The Encyclopedia Britannica of bawd." - Al Goldstein in Penthouse magazine

"Finally, a film reference book that's really useful." - Spin magazine

"Author Craig Hosoda may be dangerously obsessed, but he's nothing if not thorough." - The Nose magazine

"Researcher Craig Hosoda has made the documentation of cinematic nudity a personal crusade" - Details magazine

"a hilarious and very thorough guide to naughty bits." - Film Threat magazine

"an indispensable tool for cinephiles and fetishists everywhere. what elevates this compendium to a higher level is the care that has gone into the thumbnail descriptions of the nude scenes. Truly a sensual buffet Movieline accords this book its highest possible kudos. Craig Hosoda is to be honored, envied, emulated, and, yes, perhaps even worshiped." - Movieline magazine

"Really useful reference book Here's a book which tells us what we really want to know. Invaluable guide" - Sky International magazine

"It's wild. It's so incredibly obsessive, one can only marvel at it." - Leonard Maltin in a San Jose Mercury News article

"The best film book of the last twenty years" - Joe Bob Briggs

"There are some things in life that, knowing them, make the stay infinitely more meaningful." - S.F. Chronicle newspaper

"Good nudes for buff lovers" - The New York Post newspaper

"For the video viewer on the run, it's a time saver indeed." - Entertainment Tonight

"Yes, there is a reason for couch potatoes to read." - A Current Affair

"This is great!" - Maury Povich on The Maury Povich Show

"If your taste in movies depends mostly on whether you get to see naked body parts, The Bare Facts Video Guide could be your bible." - Men's Fitness magazine

"Retailers, if you stock any books at all, this should be one of them. Not enough people know about this guide, and I've personally seen several be pleasantly surprised to find a volume like this for sale." - Adult Video News magazine

"If they gave college degrees in voyeurism, Craig Hosoda would qualify for a doctorate. The Bare Facts is a good example of how intensity can turn an essentially silly idea into something amazing." - Richard Kadrey in Covert Culture Sourcebook book