Nude News From 1996

In issue 15 of Alternative Medicine Digest magazine, actress Cloris Leachman appears topless on the cover and on page 40 inside. (In fact, on page 40 it looks like you can see lower frontal nudity.) Her body is painted like the Demi Moore cover of Vanity Fair magazine. They have covered Cloris' body in paint with the images of various fruits and vegetables. Yum yum! Hard to believe that she is 70 years old!
Reader pas@MNSi.Net reports that the article (along with a small photo of Cloris with body paint) can be found online at Alternative Medicine Digest magazine's web page. Click here to go directly to the article.

According to an interview with Jada Pinkett in the latest issue of Movieline magazine, she used a body double for her bare buns scene in Set It Off.

From the November 1996 issue of Adult Video News:
There is one advertisement from Cal-Vista that states Penthouse Pet (May 1993) Gina LaMarca will be in the adult film Breeders. (I don't know how much explicit stuff she is going to do.)
Another ad from Private Video says that Penthouse Pet (September 1996) Tania Russof, will be in the adult film The Pyramid. There is a short article about The Pyramid on page 52 that makes it sound like Ms. Russof will be doing explicit stuff in the movie.
Also, mainstream actor Scotty Schwartz who was in The Toy (1982) and A Christmas Story (1983) WILL be doing explicit stuff with adult film actress Juli Ashton in Scotty's X-Rated Adventure. It's from Wicked Pictures and is scheduled to be released in December 1996. Way to go Scotty!
Additionally AVN printed a nice review of The Bare Facts CD-ROM on page 142. Thank you Mark Kernes and AVN!

11.2.96 - VH-1 MUSIC AWARDS
Reader jbridges reports: "The lead singer for 'Garbage,' Shirley Manson, while singing 'Stupid Girl' on the cable TV channel VH-1 1996 Fashion Awards flashes her right breast several times when her top bulges out and she turns sideways. You can clearly see her entire breast including nipple in profile. Not just an outline or shadow, it's lit. Some scenes last for a couple seconds. You may be able to see her left breast when she is moving quickly.
Also Heather Locklear is the host, and she does a dip in the pool in a red outfit and you can see the outline of her breasts when she steps out of the pool.
The show is being repeated many times on VH-1."
(Thank you to those who offered to send me a copy of the show they video taped.)

Craig's notes: I watched this myself from a video tape that a reader sent me.
The breast shots occur at 0:50 and 0:51 into the show. The first at 0:50 is visible in her unbuttoned dress top when she has her left side facing the camera and she jumps up and down while singing. As her top gapes, you can briefly see the side view of her right breast. I give it a one dot. At 0:51 there are a few longer shots of the side view of her right breast seen in the gaping top again. One dot again.
Oh yea, at about 0:8 minutes into the show, Heather Locklear shows an old clip from the TV show Dynasty, where she's getting out of the swimming pool in a braless wet top.

My wife and I took a break from our kids and went to see a movie today. We went to see Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight. I would have rather picked Bound with Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon, but my wife picked the movie, so I went along with her choice. Hey, I do like to watch movies for fun once in awhile!
Bare Facts wise, there wasn't anything worth mentioning, except that Geena has a shower scene in the film where you briefly see her buns. The camera starts at her feet and tilts up past her buns, past her strategically placed arms (so you can't see her breasts), to a side view of her face. It looks like her to me, but the room is steamy, so I'd rate it a one dot nude scene. If anyone hears that she used a body double in this, please let me know, thanks!
There's another scene earlier in the movie where she's in a bra covered with a slip while being tortured in water to get her to talk. That's it for now!

Set your VCR's! Eagle-eyed reader notes that Meredith Baxter's nude scene in the made-for-TV movie, My Breast, will be shown on the Lifetime cable channel. It's scheduled for:

October 16 at 9pm
October 19 at 4pm

Baxter's nude scene occurs at about 20 minutes into the movie, counting commercials. It was shown on network TV with a breast examination showing her left breast, so there is a high probability that Lifetime will leave the scene intact.

9.19.96 - TID BITS
If you missed Norma Jean and Marilyn on HBO, it will be released on video tape on October 22. Norma Jean and Marilyn has nude scenes by Ashley Judd and one nude scene by Mira Sorvino.
Heaven's Prisoners with a nude scene by Teri Hatcher will be released on video tape on October 29. Personally, I think her nude scenes in The Cool Surface are better.
Have you had a chance to watch Mulholland Falls on video tape yet? In my opinion, it looks like ALL the nude scenes are Jennifer Connelly and NOT a body double. I think she has better nude scenes in The Hot Spot.
Striptease with nude scenes by Demi Moore will be released in both R-rated and unrated ("includes footage not seen in theaters") versions.

From today's San Jose Mercury News: Sandra Bullock's next movie isn't all that new. A B-movie company said it will release Lost Paradise in early 1997, seven years after the low-budget drama was made, now that its co-star is a major box-office draw.
"I decided to hold the picture," said Roger Corman, whose Concorde-New Horizons made the movie. "It was tempting to release it right after Speed , but I felt she would get bigger and bigger."
Lost Paradise is about the murder of an Indian activist - not unlike the 1998 slaying of Chico Mendes, who worked to protect the Amazon rain forest.
End of article.
Obviously, this is Fire On the Amazon, the much heard about, but never-released-to-video movie with a Sandra Bullock nude scene. Now, the article above makes it sound like Lost Paradise will be released to theaters before video tape, but at least the long wait will soon be over!

If you are sorry that you didn't sign up for cable TV soon enough to catch HBO's Tales From the Crypt series, despair no more. HBO is going to release episodes of TFTC on video tape this Halloween. There are three episodes per video tape. Here are the first 13 :

Do you read the Parent's Guide to movies and videos in Entertainment Weekly magazine to see which recent films and videos have nudity in them? Then you should check out the WWW version at Entertainment Weekly because it usually has a bit more information than in the magazine. Jeez, if they add times and ratings to their nude scene descriptions, they might put me out of business! I have always thought people could use The Bare Facts Video Guide as an anti-nudity guide. (Want to rent the PG rated Sheena (1984) for your kids? Don't forget about Tanya Roberts' two nude scenes in it!)

From the newspaper a couple of days ago, Uma Thurman appears nude in the September issue of Playboy magazine, lolling on a public beach on St. Barts. She was photographed by a paparazzi photographer with a telephoto lens as she ran in the surf and read a book.

From Entertainment Weekly magazine, July 19, 1996 issue, page 57, a sidebar titled "In the Works: Next of Skin" reports the following actors and actresses will have nude scenes in the following films:

By the way, Entertainment Weekly will have a review of The Bare Facts CD-ROM in next weeks issue.

The search service Infoseek recently published the Top Ten Names queried for by internet surfers. In order they were:

1. Jenny McCarthy
2. Cindy Crawford
3. Anna Nicole Smith
4. Patricia Ford
5. Demi Moore
6. Teri Hatcher
7. Brad Pitt
8. Sharon Stone
9. Alyssa Milano
10. Pamela Anderson Lee

Fortunately for us, by an amazing coincidence ALL of these ladies and one gentleman have done nudity on video tapes that are probably available at your nearest video store! You can see these people nude in full motion right on your TV screen. No more need to look at downloaded, low-resolution, scanned images. No more waiting hours to download 15 second QuickTime clips.
I'll even tell you a few of the video tapes these people have nude scenes in. For a complete listing, consult your copy of The Bare Facts Video Guide-1996 book or CD-ROM.

1. Jenny McCarthy

2. Cindy Crawford

3. Anna Nicole Smith

4. Patricia Ford

5. Demi Moore

6. Teri Hatcher

7. Brad Pitt

8. Sharon Stone

9. Alyssa Milano

10. Pamela Anderson Lee

This just in from a reader: "One of Sandra Bullock's next films, I think it was Kate and Leopold, but I can't be sure, will feature a ... badabadam... a nude scene! I got this from an interview in a Norwegian newspaper. She said that she wasn't too proud of her body, but would do it because it was integral to the plot..."-- M.W.

7.7.96 - THANKS LIV!
This just in from a reader: "Yes, Liv Tyler does have nude scenes in Stealing Beauty. One brief right breast scene when she's taking a bath and another long scene with her left breast exposed as she poses for an artist. D.W. Moffett, Sinead Cusack, and Rachel Weisz (soon to be seen as the female lead in the Keanu Reeves action movie Chain Reaction ; she has a very nice topless scene talking to Liv poolside) appear nude. There are a few other lesser known actors as well. It's a very sensual European film and I see a lot of movies but I'd recommend this one highly. Very sexy and very good. Hope that helped!" -- G.B.

From the San Jose Mercury News 6/15/96: The latest hot hit on the Internet is a nude photograph of Jerry Hall. It was shot for British Vogue. "I've been modeling for 25 years and this is the first time I've ever done a nude shot, " said Hall, 39. If she looks a bit on the chunky side, it doesn't bother Mick Jagger's wife: "I actually feel sexier when I'm a little fatter."

6.23.96 - SUMMER HITS
Let's start going through some of this summer's current hit films. Helen Hunt from Twister has an excellent nude scene in The Waterdance. She should definitely win a Buffie Award for Actress With the Most Beautiful Breasts. Check out The Waterdance and see if I'm lying.
If you enjoyed Emmanuelle Beart in Mission: Impossible, you should check out La Belle Noiseuse. This 3 hour and 48 minute double cassette video tape has so much nudity after 1 hours and 11 minutes, you hardly need The Bare Facts Video Guide to tell you where to look. If you can't find La Belle Noiseuse at your local video store, look for Divertimento which is a shorter, slightly re-edited version of it. By the way, I saw Mission: Impossible in the theater and I would not recommend it. I used to enjoy watching Mission: Impossible on TV when I was a kid, but the movie barely had any of the impossible mission stuff in it. (Anyone else wish that Barbara Bain would have done a nude scene earlier in her career?)
Dragonheart's Dina Meyer hasn't done any real nudity, although she did come close in Johnny Mnemonic. At 0:47, she's wearing a chain blouse on an operating table when she has the black shakes. Then at 0:52 you see two shots of the back sides of her breasts when she gets up and dresses.
Eraser's Vanessa Williams as everyone knows was stripped of her Miss America title after Penthouse magazine published nude photos of her. In case you were wondering what issues they were, the answer is: September 1984 and November 1984.

6.21.96 - JULIA ORMOND
If you have just rented the new release of Sabrina and have fallen in lust with Julia Ormond, remember that she has a nude scene in a movie that is probably at your local video store right now. Check your copy of The Bare Facts Video Guide to find out what the name of the film is.

I was talking with my friend, James Marlowe, who was the location scout for the recent made-for-TV-movie, Dalva. Dalva starred Farrah Fawcett and she had some love scenes that were pretty racy for network TV. The European version will contain nude scenes by Farrah that were not shown in the U.S.

Well, I video taped B.S. I Love You (1971) off of Showtime early this morning and fast forwarded through it after I woke up. It seems that Joanna Cameron's nude scene is not present in this version of the film either. It looks like it is supposed to happen after she takes her bikini top off after the 35 minute mark, but the scene ends with only a quick view of her back. Oh well, I guess we'll have to live with the photo that was in Playboy magazine many years ago. Did anyone see this film when it first came out in the theaters? Was Joanna's nude scene in it?

In Norma Jean & Marilyn, shown on HBO on May 18th, Ashley Judd had the best and most numerous nude scenes (5). The movie started out great with Ashley showing her breasts in a dream scene where she was naked, attending a church service with fully clothed people. She had a total nude scene when she acted out the photo shoot for Marilyn's Playboy centerfold photo on the red fabric. Mira Sorvino had one buns scene and one brief (but good) scene when she pulled the top of her dress down to show her breasts to entice a guy (it worked for me!).

5.19.96 - AMY LOCANE
If you think you might be able to catch a nude scene for Amy Locane by renting the video Criminal Hearts, think again. The "nude scenes" she did in this film looked like body double work when I watched it. There were the tell-tale no-face-shown-when-breasts-are-seen shots and also the body double's wig looked fuller than Amy's real hair. Sure enough, in the credits, there is a listing for Amy's body double, Melissa Dutton (who's already listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide). I guess we'll just have to wait for Carried Away.

If you've been waiting for Heather Graham to do a nude scene, you'll have to wait a little longer. In the recently released video, Terrified, Heather spends most of the entire film, well, terrified. She has one scene where she takes off her panties and squats on a guy's face, but she's wearing a dress and you don't see anything.
There is only one brief nude scene when you see the breasts of a woman making love in bed with Kirk during a party. (37 minutes from the beginning of the video.) Other than that there aren't any bare facts to mention. If you do watch this video and figure out who the woman making love in bed with Kirk is, please let me know. I know it's not Tracy, Sarah or Rose, it could be Cherry or Vicki. Thanks!

5.14.96 - THE CRAFT 0, TOLLBOOTH 1
Unfortunately, there are no nudes in the film The Craft. But have no fear, Fairuza Balk does have a nude scene in Toolbooth, soon to be released on video. A reader wrote "You'll have to use frame advance to definitely catch her during her sex scene through the blinds, but it's her and her breasts."

5.10.96 - TERI HATCHER
If you haven't heard about it before, Teri Hatcher has a nude scene in the upcoming film, Heaven's Prisoners. In fact, in a newspaper article I read, her first scene in the film is a nude scene. (I know that Teri has lost a lot of weight lately and she tells everyone that she is not anorexic. Eating disorder or not, I wish she'd eat a bit more and gain a little weight back!)

The nude scene friendly cable TV series, Sherman Oaks, is returning to Showtime on Friday, May 17th at 9:30pm. Bare Facts readers will recognize Sanford's latest mistress Verna is played by Tané McClure. Remember that Tiffany, the Baker's daughter, played by Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst, has many nude scenes listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide.
Elena, the Baker's sex-starved wise-cracking maid, played by Alex Meneses, has a couple of good nude scenes that are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide. Unfortunately, Ms. Meneses has evidently dropped out of the show, I thought she was one of the funniest parts of it (even though she never did show any skin in any of the episodes!).
Mulholland Falls/Jennifer Connelly Debate: There has been some argument as to whether Ms. Connelly has done her own nude scenes, used a body double or possibly both in this film. There are some color shots, some B&W shots, some with her face, some of just breasts. I guess well have to wait until it comes out on video tape so we can check it out frame by frame...

5.1.96 - KAREN SILAS
So you managed to sit through The Beast on TV. If you thought Karen Sillas looked great in a bikini, remember you can see her without anything on in Risk. If you have a difficult time finding it in your local video store, note that we have Risk for sale.

4.30.96 - NUDE SCENE-B.S.
Get your VCR's ready! Joanna Cameron's B.S. I Love You (1971) will be shown on Showtime on Saturday morning, June 1 at 3:50am. Joanna played Isis on TV's Secrets of Isis from 1975 through 1978. I don't think B.S. I Love You has ever been released on video tape and I remember seeing a topless still photo of Joanna from the film in Playboy many years ago.
Hopefully, Showtime hasn't cut out the nudity. B.S. I Love You was also shown in April on The Movie Channel and no nudity was shown.

Gwyneth Paltrow is starting to get very popular, she's Brad Pitt's girlfriend and she's in a new movie, The Pallbearer, with David Schwimmer. Note that she shows her breasts in Flesh and Bone and Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle.
A reader wrote to let us know that Jennifer Connelly has a nude scene in the film Mulholland Falls. If you can't wait to for this nude scene to appear on video tape, remember to rent and watch The Hot Spot for her previous eye-opening nude scene.

If you were impressed with Juliette Lewis' nude scenes in Strange Days, but wanted to see more nudity by Brigitte Bako, who played Iris, run down to your local video store and rent the unrated version of Dark Tide.

4.12.96 - CARRIED AWAY
In the May 1996 issue of Playboy magazine, Bruce Williamson reports that Amy Locane appears "often nude" in the upcoming film Carried Away. Amy played Sandy Harding on TV's Melrose Place (1992), Sally Wheeler in School Ties (1992) and Kayla in Airheads (1994).
I read another article in a newspaper that said Amy Irving also has some nude scenes in Carried Away. But readers of The Bare Facts Video Guide-1996 Edition already know which video tape to rent to view Irving's full-frontal nude scene.

So you've watched GoldenEye and were intrigued by Izabella Scorupco, who plays James Bond's love interest, Natalya Siminova. A reader from Sweden, Anders Engstrom, emailed me with Izabella's nude scenes in the following Swedish films:
Ingen Kan Aelska Som Vi in 1987. (Translated from Swedish: No One Can Love Like We Do). She was 17 years old and has one nude scene that was kind of dark. She has better scenes in Petri Taarar in 1995 as Carla/Carlo. (Translated from Swedish: Tears of Petri.) She has three nude scenes and one in the bathtub is great.
She also has a nude scene in a music video by a Swedish rock group called "Vampires of Love" (translated from Swedish). The music video is for a song called "Little Heart" (translated from Swedish). It looks like time to book that vacation to Sweden!

In the recent May 1996 issue of Penthouse magazine, Mason Marconi is featured in the black and white pictorial on pages 117-125. Mason is featured in Soft Bodies: Show 'n Tell , which we have available for sale.

You may have seen Heidi Schanz as Sheila 3.2 in the beginning of Virtuosity. She was in virtual reality wearing a black bra and panties, while talking to Clyde. Heidi is also seen in Seven as the Sin of Pride. It is hard to recognize her because she is lying dead in bed with bandages on her face.
You can see more of Heidi if you visit your local video store and watch Body Language (also starring Tom Berenger). Heidi plays the part of Dora and has numerous nude scenes!

From today's San Jose Mercury News' Grapevine column by Marilyn Beck:
"Mira Sorvino, 'Mighty Aphrodite' herself, had a few nervous moments on the set of her coming HBO film Norma Jean & Marilyn. ...Sorvino tells the new issue of Total TV magazine that in order to work herself up to preforming the movie's final nude romp, she had to consume two bottles of champagne...."
Also note that Ashley Judd (daughter of singer Naomi Judd and sister of singer Wynonna Judd) will also have a nude scene in Norma Jean & Marilyn. It debuts on HBO on Saturday, May 18th. A big double thank you to HBO!

If you were watching Extra last night instead of the Academy Awards, you may have seen Extra's segment on model/actress Patricia Ford. Patricia has appeared in many Playboy newsstand special magazines and some of their video tapes.
If you want to see much more of Patricia, make sure you check out the May 1995 issue of High Society magazine. On pages 20-27 she appears as "Brandi" in photos that don't leave anything to the imagination!

3.18.96 - JAMIE LUNER
If you are a fan of the TV show Savannah, note that Jamie Luner, who plays Peyton Richards, has done a nude scene that is listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide - 1996 Edition.
If you are trying to remember where you have seen Jamie Luner, she played Cindy Lubbock on TV's Just the Ten of Us from 1988 to 1990.

You might be wondering which 1996 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1996 Edition.
Best Actors

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Actresses

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Supporting Actors

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Supporting Actresses

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes: