Want Ads From Readers

Here are some Bare Facts readers and their wanted or for sale for video tapes. Please email them directly by clicking on their name. The Bare Facts is not responsible for any problems with the transactions, we don't know anything about the posters or responders, we simply list these as a service.

If you would like to post an ad here, simply email me with the ad exactly how you want it to appear. I'll leave the ad posted here until you email me to remove it. Thanks!

6.4.04 - WANTED

Mike is looking for Melanie:
Mike is looking for Ha-Gan (1977) starring Melanie Griffith.

Hmmm. Looking at someone's review of Ha-Gan on the Internet Movie Database, it looks to me like I should get a copy and review it. Mike, can I borrow your videotape when you track it down?

9.5.02 - FOR SALE

pdl has stuff for sale:
I have the following tapes for sale:

I have many more. Email your wants. $9.99 each plus postage.

8.13.02 - FOR SALE

Kevin has stuff for sale:
I have several videos with nude scenes and Playboy magazines for sale at http://home.att.net/~jkmcelroy/pbsheet.html. All prices negotiable.

7.21.02 - AD

RB is looking for Melody:
I am looking for Under Surveillance and Deep Dark Secrets. Both star Melody Anderson. Under Surveillance for sure has nudity of her. I'm not too sure about Deep Dark Secrets, but I believe it may have nudity as well. Can trade or pay reasonable price.

7.4.02 - ADS

Bob is looking for Ginger:
I am a collector of Ginger Lynn Allen films looking for the 1985 Essex video Shape up for Sensational Sex starring Ginger Lynn. If you have a copy you would like to sell or info helping me get one please contact me.

Andrew is also looking for the same thing:
I am looking for The 1985 Essex video Shape up for Sensational Sex starring Ginger Lynn. It's way out of print; I will pay good for a copy or info helping me get one.

Bill is looking for a Hoe Down:
I am seeking a nice copy of Bikini Hoe Down (Unrated Version) along with the original slipcover box. Thanx.

3.24.02 - AD

Speedoo is looking for an ice skater:
According to ESPN, one of the female skaters at the World Championships currently being held in Japan had her breasts fall out of her top during an ice dance routine (they didn't show it, unfortunately!). They said she and her male partner finished the routine anyway! Anybody have pictures of this, or know where to find some? Thanks.

3.6.02 - AD

Jeff is looking for several videotapes:

2.24.02 - ADS

Phililp wants:
I need a copy of Un Amore Americano starring Brooke Shields. Will pay a reasonable fee. Thank you.

2.19.02 - ADS

Mike is looking for:
Does anyone have the clip on tape of the morning TV show called The View in which on April 2, 1999 Meredith Viera was trying on a dress when the front of it fell and Meredith's breast fell out? All of the other guests on the show came over to hide her from the camera. I saw the show but was not taping at the time. Does anyone have it? Contact Mike.

2.17.02 - ADS

Cuddlemons is looking for:
I'm looking for the Mitzi Kapture movies: Lethal Pursuit and Private Road-No Trespassing.

Costanzo002 is looking for:
VHS copies of B-Movie Hot Chili and The Circus of the Stars TV special featuring Mario Lopez. You can contact me via costanzo002@yahoo.com.

1.16.02 - ADS

JG is looking for:
The movie Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession (1980) with Theresa Russell also looking for the movie Nicole(aka Widow's Revenge) (1972) with Catherine Bach. Willing to buy, email at: gjoey75@aol.com.

5.9.01 - ADS

Terry is looking for:
Luan Peters Movies. British collector looking for VHS copies of the following movies, featuring British actress Luan Peters: Not Tonight Darling (1971); Freelance (a.k.a. The Con Man) and Pacific Banana (1980). Format of copies unimportant (American or British VHS). Your price paid, or I'm willing to trade (if I can locate anything for you, over here in England). Please contact Terry at: Terry.Doyle@care4free.net. Thank you.

Jeff is looking for:
Wild Bikinis. The one listed on page 892 of the 1998 edition. It was released in 1987. Jeff is also looking for If I'm so Famous, How Come Nobody's Ever Heard of Me? It is listed on pages 699-700 of the 1998 edition. Also looking for Cast a Deadly Spell and Sessions: Episode 2, both with Beckie Mullen, HBO 1991. Contact me at jorchs83@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Aerosys is looking for:
Playboy's Playmate Review (VHS), 1982, featuring 1981 Playmates, including Patricia Farinelli (listed as "Patty" in The Bare Facts). Reportedly out of print. Will pay any reasonable price.

Jack is looking for:
A video that came out in about 1996, featuring Catherine Bell as Cat in the video Hot Line The Brunch Club, in the Hot Line 3 series. Please let me know where I can find this video and if available for purchase.

Sebastien is looking for:
A copy of the movie Valley Girls (1981 is the date I believe). Willing to trade or buy. Thanks.

7.17.00 - AD

Daniel is looking for:
I am looking for a West-German/Italian 1977 film called Maladolescenza. It was also released under the German title Spielen wir Liebe. It stared Lara Wendel and Eva Ionesco. Also, would like to find a copy of the 1974 film, Deadly Strangers starring Hayley Mills.

7.4.00 - AD

Jack is looking for:
A video that came out in about 1996, featuring Catherine Bell as Cat in the video Hot Line The Brunch Club, in the Hot Line 3 series. Please let me know where I can find this video and if available for purchase.

6.21.00 - AD

Ridley is looking for:
I am looking for a 1992 British movie called Inferno starring Tyra Banks, among other supermodels. Please let me know if you can help me get a hold of this, or can at least point me in the right direction.

6.20.00 - AD

Joshua is looking for:
I am looking to buy copies of CIA Trackdown with Claire Forlani and Paradise with Phoebe Cates. I cannot find these movies in my area.

6.8.00 - ADS

M. is looking for:
I am looking for the April 1996 issue of Girls Of Penthouse magazine in good condition. Please contact me if you have one.

Jason is looking for:
I am looking for the television series A Kind of Loving from 1982 starring Joanne Whalley. If anyone has it or has information about getting it, please email me.

Dan is looking for:
I am looking for a copy of Rescuing Desire featuring nude scenes with Tamara Tunie. It's an independent film that has recently been shown in film festivals throughout the U.S. & about.

5.14.00 - AD

Carl is looking for:
I am looking for a VHS copy of Scorchy, starring Connie Stevens. I have been trying to obtain a copy of this film for 5 years, and it seems to be out of print by everyone, so anyone that can assist me in this endeavor, please contact me.

4.28.00 - AD

Mark is looking for:
I am looking for harder to find video clips from award shows and concerts. I want Britney Spears from the Nickelodeon concert. Jennifer Lopez in that green dress from the last Grammys. Rose McGowan in her backless dress from the MTV Music Awards a couple of years ago. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her low-cut black dress from the Emmys about 5 or 6 years ago. I have plenty of rarities to trade with.

4.11.00 - AD

Jason is looking for:
I am looking for anything that has Joan Cusack nude in it. If anyone has info on a magazine or a movie or whatever that might have some nude pics of Joan Cusack, that would be really cool. Thanks.

4.6.00 - ADS

Mike is looking for:
I am looking for copies of two movies that have shown on Cinemax and Showtime. The first is Guarded Secrets with Leslie Kay Sterling. The second is a 1974 Australian movie called Mistress Pamela. Can be copies of copies, if that's all you have. Will pay good $$.
Ken is looking for:
I am a fan of clothes ripping/shredding. Is there a web site or movie that features this prominently? It is particularly interesting to me if the ripping is involuntary. A good example of what I am talking about is Sean Young's last scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Is there anyone who knows anything more on this subject?

4.2.00 - AD

Jeff is looking for:
I am looking for the Lifetime channel movie starring Meredith Baxter titled My Breast. Also looking for any video with Markie Post nude/semi-nude or wearing a bikini.

2.14.99 - ADS

Derek is looking for:
I am looking for the Emamanelle in Space series seen recently on Cinemax!

Tom is:
Looking for someone who collects Promotion Co. videos. Would like to trade some of my collection for ones I don't have.

Dan is:
Looking for a movie shown on USA Up All Night called Danger Zone 4. Uncut version wanted if possible, but cable version would be OK. Also looking for UK TV show from the '80s called Jane and another called Jane in the Desert both with Glyniss Barber. PAL is not a problem. I have access to a Movies Unlimited store near me which has many great rare movies.

Marc is looking to do some trading:
I have an extensive collection of celebrities (female only) on video. They range from TV to movies, from the '70s to the present, and from bikinis to nudes. Anyone interested in some trades let me know. I do have a list.

1.20.99 - AD

Steven is looking for:
I have been looking for an adult movie I believe to be titled Monkey Business. It was produced in 1988 or 1989. It is a political satire based on presidential candidate Gary Hart. I will pay any reasonable amount.

1.18.99 - AD

Angelo is looking for:
I am trying to find a copy of the film Stand Up Virgin Soldiers starring Robin Askwith, Nigel Davenport and the beautiful Pamela Stephenson. I have made several contacts in Canada and the U.S. The answers I got ranged from "It's never been released" to "It's no longer available". I do know for a fact that it has been released in the past, but maybe only in the U.K. Other information I have is: It was produced in 1977, It's a comedy. The production company is Warner Brothers and they also released it. The producer is Greg Smith and the director is Norman Cohen.
If anybody can help me get this video, I am willing to pay very good money.

1.6.99 - ADS

Wokman needs sources:
I need a good source for hard to find videos to rent or buy. I have tried Reel.com, Movies Unlimited, and Movies Now on AOL. HELP!!!

Lucas is looking for a Jewel:
I am looking for a copy of Jewel Shepard's movie Christina. I will pay any reasonable price. Thanks!

12.21.98 - TRADES

Marc is looking for trades:
Large collection of video clips of female celebs. Everything from Jewel Shepard to Markie Post. For those looking to trade and such. I am looking for Catherine Bach in The Widow's Revenge and Lynda Wiesmeier in Evil Town.

12.8.98 - ADS

Erik is looking for:
I've been searching all over the web and back for a film called Evil Spawn (1987) with Bobbie Bresee. I used to have it at a video store I worked at but it somehow wound up missing. In The Bare Facts it also lists a film called The Alien Within (1991) which mixes together new footage with Evil Spawn. I can't even find that film listed anywhere. Do you know of anywhere I can find these movies? (There is a 1995 version with Roddy McDowall that is not the same as the 1991 version.)

Andy is looking for:
A reasonably priced copy of Stacey, an Andy Sidaris film starring former Playmate Anne Randall from about 1973. It's also apparently been released as Stacey and her Gangbusters.
I'm also looking to buy a copy of The Great Bikini Offroad Company and Bikini Hoedown.

9.30.98 - AD

H. Rubin is looking for:

Wanted Made-for-TV movies:

Hell Hath No Fury;
End of Summer: One Hot Summer
15 and Pregnant
Two Came Back
Silencing Mary
The Lottery
Tower of Terror

9.30.98 - YET ANOTHER AD

Floyd is looking for:

Love Circles Around the World
Haunting Fear
Nightmare Sisters
Cassanova & Co. (aka - Sex on the Run)
Lady Godiva Rides (I saw this movie once late night on Showtime)
Any movie other than Paradise or Fast Times that shows Phoebe Cates in the buff

I am also looking for back issues of Gallery or Genesis from 1982-1988.

7.2.98 - A BUNCH OF ADS

Wolfen is looking for:
I'm looking for a copy of Alice in Wonderland, released in 1976, Starring Kristine De Bell, as it's out of print I'm having a very hard time finding it. Can someone help me find a copy.

Martin is looking for:
I heard a while back that Bridgette Nielson once did a pop video of sorts in which she did a full strip. Am I right about this? Does anyone have a copy for sale or at the very least tell me where I could get it? Please contact me with reasonable prices.

Ron is looking for:
I heard that soap actress Eileen Davidson, (Y&R, Santa Barbara, Days of Our Lives) did some nude magazine work early in her career. Would appreciate any tips about this from webbies or will also pay for mags with nudes of her. Thanks! Ron.

Mark is looking for:
I am looking for a copy of Young Lady Chatterly 2 can you help me?

Paul has something for sale:
I have 15 new copies of Penthouse Sept. 1984 Miss America, for sale.

Jake is looking for:
I am looking for any webpages or pics of Kathleen Sullivan. She was on Good Morning America in the late 80's and on E! Ent. News for awhile. I would like it very much if you could find out any info for me. I know she shows alot of clevage, (she has a lot of it) but she is not very popular.

Tony is looking for:
I am trying to find a copy of the film Among The Cinders (New Zealand 1983) in which Rebecca Gibney does full frontal. I am told that the video is available in Australia but does not seem to have been released here in the UK. Alternatively, does anyone have stills of the relevant scenes?

4.5.98 - ADULT TAPE

KB is looking for an adult video tape:
I'm trying to get a hard to find porno movie staring x-rated actresses Gigi, Brooke Waters, Olivia Oturia, and some other girl (a redhead). The movie is about two young girls getting caught and punished for shoplifting at a store. If possible, I need a VHS copy of this tape.

1.29.98 - STRAINED

Walker is looking for Julie:
I just love Julie Strain and can't get enough of her. I am also having trouble finding some of her videos. Anyone out there with any info or tapes let me know, please!!!.

1.26.98 - MORE STUFF

Daryl is looking for:
I'm looking for a copy of the 1971 US film, Making It, starring Kristoffer Tabori and Joyce Van Patten. Leonard Maltin's book lists this movie as being available on video, but I don't believe that to be true. There is a similarly titled 80's teen flick available on video entitled Makin' It, which is not what I'm looking for.

1.3.98 - STUFF

Wolverine is looking for:
Gross Misconduct with Naomi Watts the second is Offspring with Gabrielle Fitzpatrick. Offspring is an Australian release in 1996. I don't know about the other one.

Dr.Yakenstien is looking for:
Can anyone help me find a VHS copy of the opening sequence to Barbarella minus the credits? I know I can't be the only one who wants to see it, so I figure it must be out there somewhere. If anyone has it or knows where i might find it, please email me. Thank you.

Yorick is looking for:
I'm a big fan of Lesli Kay Sterling. I'm looking for a copy of her film, Guarded Secrets, that was recently shown on the Playboy Channel.

GByron2 is looking for:
I am a big Linda Carol fan, and besides wondering what happened to her, I am trying to find the film Physical Scandal (Fear of Scandal) that features her. It was a 1992 movie and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

Author22 is looking for:
For years I have been looking for a VHS copy of an animated film entitled, Once Upon A Girl. It was first released in adult movie theaters, and later on VHS video tape. Later I heard that the company that had produced it had gone into bankruptcy, and the assets had ended in the hands of a religious organization. So at that point it appears the only possibility of obtain a copy would be as a copy from someone who already has one. ANY assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. And a reward is offered for assistance that results in my acquiring a copy.

Ed is looking for:
I'm looking for a copy of Christina starring Jewel Shepard done in the early 80's.

Brad is looking for:
I'm looking for an episode from the Showtime special, Sex and the Silver Screen, which was hosted by Raquel Welch. The part is called, "Look Ma, No Clothes!".

7.18.97 - WANTED

Bill wants the following:
Wanted: Hot Line episode subtitled "Where were we?" broadcast on Cinemax in 1996.
I read somewhere that Tyra Banks appeared in a British exploitation film called "Inferno". Does this exist ?

James is also looking for:
Wanted: Copy or original of the 'fashion' film Inferno by Ellen Von Uwerth (a fashion photog). Stars some of the top supermodels today. Came out around 1994-5. Possibly Italian-made. Has been accused of being 'soft-core'.
[Hmm, this sounds like something I should check out!]

Kenneth is looking for:
Any help obtaining a copy of Famous T&A.

Steve is looking for:
I am looking for the Jennifer Jason-Leigh movie Flesh + Blood with Rutger Hauer and the Julie Delpy movie The Passions of Beatrice. Both of these movies feature full frontal scenes from both actresses. I am starting my vid capping "business" and I would like these two women to be my first collages.

Dan is looking for several videos:
Looking for Wild Obsession which aired on Cinemax in 92 (Italian film).Featured Victoria Mahoney.
Looking for Solomon & Sheba which aired on Showtime in 94. Featured Halle Berry.
Looking for Klash released overseas. Featured Jasmine Guy.
Looking for Roger Corman's : Last Exit To Earth aired on Showtime in 96.
Looking for The Darker Image Swimsuit Calendar : Behind The Scenes which featured Traci Bingham.

Frans from the Netherlands is looking for:
Who can provide me with an address where I can obtain the VHS movie Secret Fantasie (1981 of Constanza Vivaldi) in which the former Italian actress Laura Antonelli is starring. Any info will be most appreciated! I do own the video tape La Venexiana already.

6.9.97 - WANTED

Michael needs something that's hard to see:
I'm looking for a copy of a movie I saw listed on the Reel DV8 page called The Invisible Dirty Old Man by Red Giant Productions. The film stars Kim Dawson who has several other similarly vague films under her belt. If anyone has a copy of this film or knows where I can get one please contact me as I would like to purchase it.

Prof_X says "Help me, PLEASE!":
Looking for ANY kind of ANYTHING on an actress by the name of Marcella Walerstien... She worked on a series that aired on Cinemax some time ago called Emmanuelle the Series, and was in three or so Emmanuelle movies as "Young Emmanuelle". Any help would be appreciated, and if necessary, rewarded.

Jack is looking for something sweet:
I am looking for The Candy Snatchers (1973) starring Tiffany Bolling.

Richard needs some private schooling:
I used to have a copy of Private School taped off of HBO and there was a nude scene of Phoebe Cates taking a shower in the locker-room after gym-class. I lost the tape recently and when I rented the video, the scene wasn't in it anymore. Was original version edited?? Is original version still available anymore?? I'd like to get another copy of the unedited version if it's still available, or vid-caps of the shower scene at least. Any information on this would be appreciated.

Andy's want list:
Wanted (VHS, SP, uncut): Any films with nude scenes of Terri (Alien Nation) Treas, Lindsay Wagner, Jane Badler, Faye Grant or Heather Menzies (the body double scene from Piranha doesn't count).
Also looking for films with Jane Badler (except Easy Kill) and Gabrielle Drake (except There's a Girl in My Soup) nude.
I will accept either pre-records, off-air tapes or good second generation dubs. I have a list of tapes to trade. If interested, please send mailing address and we can swap lists.

2.18.97 - WANTED

shawe needs some foreign help:
I am desperately looking for the foreign tape The Baby of Macon that has the nude scenes with Julia Ormond - will pay good money.

I would like to know if any of the readers of the Bare Facts can help me acquire a copy of Josie Bissett's 1989 Italian film DESIRE. I am willing to pay good money for the video and if nothing else, maybe someone can just point me in the right direction. Any information would be appreciated.

1.16.97 - WANT TO BUY

A reader just can't wait for these for two movies:
Klash which supposedly has nude scenes of Jasmine Guy. She plays a Jamaican stripper.Was in selected theaters in 95'. Video release was supposedly in Nov.96....can't find anywhere.Overseas only perhaps?Please help!
When Night Is Falling starring Rachael Crawford directed by Patricia Rozema.Was in Theaters in Nov.95...Wolfe Video has it listed for 89.95 but won't release til Sept.97....that Bites!....would like to have it sooner...from somewhere else.Excellent lesbian film! (I hear,missed it in theaters.)

1.3.97 - WANTED

Fred has a request:
Did you watch the Atlanta Olympics? Several of the female divers had trouble keeping their swimsuits on when they hit the water - the armholes kept stretching downward and exposing their breasts! A surprising amount of this was shown on the air, but I figure even better shots must have been left on the cutting-room floor.
Anyone out there work for NBC, or otherwise have access to these outtakes? I would like to acquire a "highlight reel" of these outtakes, and would be willing to pay for it. Can anyone help?

8.5.96 - WANTED

Lmoran is looking for:
Bilitis (1977)