Nude News From 1997

12.16.97 - BREAST MEN
HBO is currently airing a made for cable TV movie called Breast Men. It stars David Schwimmer as the first plastic surgeon who invents the silicone breast implant. It follows his career from inventing the implant, finding the first volunteer all the way to the present day.
Obviously, there are a lot of breast shots for Bare Facts fans. Interesting to note, there seems to be the first instance of special-effect body double nudity. In the film, Emily Proctor plays Schwimmer's girlfriend/wife Laura. There is a scene where she shows Schwimmer her breasts before the operation. A bit later in the movie, after Emily has had the operation, she displays her breasts to help reassure a new patient that the breasts still look and feel real. This scene looks like they used special-effects to put Emily's head on top of a body double's torso. (Note how her hair is up off her shoulders and her head never moves.) So it looks like we are going to have to be even more diligent about identifying real vs. fake nudity!
I realize that in Bachelor Party, they used special-effects to put different heads on Monique Gabrielle's body when she was in the hotel bedroom with Tom Hanks. But it wasn't body doubling - obviously the heads were other people (Tawny Kitaen, a nun, etc.) so it was clear that it was someone else's head on top of Monique's body. If anyone can think of another instance of a special-effect body double nude scene, please let me know. Thanks!
Here are the next scheduled airings:

Sunday, December 21, 1997 - 10:00 PM
Friday, December 26, 1997 - 2:20 AM
Thursday, January 8, 1998 - 12:00 AM

FOLLOW UP NOTE (1.4.98): In the latest edition of the special-effects magazine, Cinefex, it details a special-effects shot in Titanic that replaces faces on moving bodies. There is a scene where Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet are running toward the camera, down an enclosed hallway when they are overtaken by a wall of water. The scene was too dangerous for the real actor and actress, so the two people doing the running are stunt doubles. Di Caprio's and Winslet's faces were composed onto the stunt doubles' faces with the help of computers and a lot of human digital painting and tweaking of individual frames. The work was done by a company called Pacific Ocean Post.

11.24.97 - WHAT A FEELING!
Two readers are happy to report that Jennifer Beals (Flashdance) has a nude love scene in her new film, The Prophecy II. You get to see her breasts and buns and it's definitely NOT a body double!

Reader T.J. emails in this report/review: "The movie Another 9 1/2 Weeks, starring Angie Everhart is a big disappointment. Angie's nudity is fairly tame and not well done. There is a sequence where you see buns in thin panties as well as a tame dance sequence. You see a brief flash of one nipple while she is in the tub. You see some *** nudity (breasts) briefly in a choreographed sequence when she is in bed getting flowers dumped on her by a very aged Mickey Rourke.
The movie completely lacks plot development and is highly depressing. It goes from giving you poorly-crafted plot to poorly done erotic sequences. Zalman King could have seriously helped this one, but what director Anne Gorsaud has made is direct-to-video rubbish. Don't waste your $3.35 to rent it. I'd give it NO STARS."

11.18.97 - KELLI MARONEY
Here's a great tip from a reader: "There was a movie called Face Down starring Joe Mantegna and Kelli Maroney that was shown on The Movie Channel (TMC) on November 15th. It featured multiple nude scenes by Kelli Maroney, some which were very good, including one in which she was depicted in an adult video sequence with two men. This TMC original movie is scheduled to be rebroadcast on November 19th at 9:00 PM and on November 23rd at 11:10 PM."

A couple of readers have sent this tip in, but I went to see Starship Troopers anyway for my own entertainment. We're all happy to report that Dina Meyer has two scenes where she shows her breasts. I'd say both scenes rate 2 stars. The first one in the showers is a bit better than the later one in bed. Dina Meyer was also in Dragonheart, Johnny Mnemonic and on TV in Beverly Hills, 90210. By the way, the Denise Richards listed in The Bare Facts Magazine Guide and The Bare Facts CD-ROM is NOT the same Denise Richards who played Carmen in Starship Troopers.

This tip just in from a Bare Facts informant: "Heard from an acquaintance who saw a preview of the new movie The Wings of a Dove, based on an Henry James novel and starring Helena Bonham Carter. She relates that Miss Carter has some very revealing and explicit scenes in which she is "very naked" (her quote). The movie's also getting good overall notices."

10.16.97 - BOOGIE NIGHTS
From various articles and interviews with Mark Wahlberg: His large penis you see in Boogie Nights is a prosthetic enhancement. He wanted everyone to know this because he didn't want any potential real-life girlfriend to be disappointed when she sees the real thing. Wahlberg jokes that everything looks bigger on the movie screen.
As far as other nudity of the two main actresses, a reader writes in with this review: "Surprisingly, there really is not that much nudity or sex in the film. Heather Graham's nude scene is a very brief full frontal shot while Julianne Moore's scene with Mark Wahlberg is pretty tame. It is an excellent film though."

From a reader: "Just wanted to drop you a line and mention something I heard this morning on a radio program. I live near Detroit and listen to WRIF in the mornings......Well they had Victoria Principal on this morning, and she was talking about a made for TV movie which she stars in and will air on Sunday on CBS. In the interview she stated that she will definitely have a nude scene in this film and that there is a parental advisory on it. The DJ's pressed her jokingly for details but she stuck to her guns and swore that she would have a nude scene!"
[Editor's note: Well, let's see now. Checking TV Guide: On Sunday night, October 19 at 9 PM Pacific time on CBS, there is a made for TV movie called Love in Another Town with Victoria Principal! Gentlemen, set your VCR's. Let's hope she's telling the full story and not just trying to boost ratings!]
[10.18.97 - More info from another Bare Facts informant: Last night Victoria Principal was on Entertainment Tonight where she did indeed say that she did a nude scene for tomorrow night's CBS movie. She went on and on saying how it was only the second time she had ever done a nude scene, etc., etc., though as a CBS network flick I'm still skeptical. The scenes shown though were pretty racy, however, even by Melrose Place standards, and while she's obviously nude in "profile," nothing is really seen. Guess we'll all know soon enough tomorrow night!]
[10.20.97 - Follow up: Well it appears at 1:09 into this made for TV movie, you do get a couple of very, very brief glimpses of Principal's right breast when she's lying on her back on the bed with Adrian Pasdar. Unfortunately, it's kind of a medium long shot. Then there is a closer very, very brief side view of her right breast after she changes positions and is on top of Pasdar. I'll give it a single * rating.]

From the InfoBeat newswire: A Chilean Roman Catholic group urged organizers of a film festival Tuesday to cancel a screening of director Abel Ferrara's The Blackout, objecting to its depiction of lesbian sex.
The stars of the film include Matthew Modine, Beatrice Dalle, Claudia Schiffer and Dennis Hopper. Let us all bow our heads and pray that the graphic depiction of lesbian sex include Ms. Dalle and Ms. Schiffer! For the full story, click on the logo below:

From the Associated Press newswire: Why do Americans have such a hang-up when it comes to nudity, Embeth Davidtz wants to know.
"It's batty," the actress says in September's Esquire. "You show one bit of nipple and it's all over. ... What's so bad about a woman's body?"
The 5-foot-8 brunette, who was born in Indiana but raised in South Africa by English parents, says she wasn't squeamish about dropping her clothes in The Gingerbread Man, her new movie with Kenneth Branagh.
But Davidtz, who played Ralph Fiennes' housemaid in Schindler's List, is more than just a pretty face. Both her parents have doctorates, and she herself has a graduate degree in English with a taste for challenging and dangerous roles.
And her acceptance of nudity does have its limits.
"Porno on the Internet," she says, "that's what's no good."

From today's San Jose Mercury News: The woman whose tryst with sportscaster Frank Gifford gave the supermarket tabloids a springtime scandal is baring it all in Playboy magazine. Suzen Johnson will be on the cover and in an inside pictorial of the November issue of Playboy magazine.
Christie Hefner was interviewed about the Playboy empire in an article in the Washington Post.
Playboy's video tape of Farrah Fawcett, Farrah Fawcett: All of Me, will be offered for sale starting today. It contains 12 minutes of additional footage that was not shown on the Pay-Per-View special. It has pre-sold more copies than any other video tape in Playboy Video's history. Check out the web site dedicated to it by clicking here.

So you've been waiting patiently for Andrea Thompson to do her requisite nude scene as Detective Jill Kirkendall on NYPD Blue. The wait is over, but you have to change the channel to HBO! Check out the made for cable series, Arli$$. Episode 19, titled "Visionary For a New Millennium" has a couple of good nude scenes by Ms. Thompson -- much better than any "nude" scene you'll see on NYPD Blue.
According to the HBO schedule, the episode will be rebroadcast on Sunday, August 10 at 1 am and Tuesday, August 26 at 2:30 am. These were for the Pacific time zone, so you might want to double check the online schedule to be sure the times are correct for your time zone.

For those of you who subscribe to Showtime and have started watching their new series, Fast Track. It stars Keith Carradine and the stories revolve around the race car world. In the series, an actress named Brandy Ledford plays the part of Mimi Chandler (Keith Carradine's new girlfriend). Seasoned Bare Facts readers may think to themselves "I've seen her somewhere else before..." I'm happy to inform you that this is none other than Penthouse Pet Brandy (a.k.a. Jisel).
Additionally, Brandy has also appeared in several other films under the name Brandy Sanders. Most notably in Demolition Man as the brief full frontal nude woman who dials the wrong number on her video phone, and accidentally ends up talking and exposing herself to Sylvester Stallone.

I'm scheduled to be a phone-in guest on The Howard Stern Show on Thursday, July 31 at 7 am! Of course, since I live on the West coast, I get to wake up at 4 am, so pardon me if I sound half asleep.
FOLLOW UP NOTE (7.31.97): I was on for about 15 minutes and had a great time! They even video taped me for a future airing on Howard's E! channel show. I could really use your help now. If you can, please call the people at The Howard Stern Show (Infinity Broadcasting in New York) and let them know that you were highly entertained and you wish you could hear more reporting from me on Howard's show. If they get enough response, them might have me on again. Email me with your thoughts on how I did on the show or suggestions on how to be better next time, etc. Thanks for your continued support!
For those of you who missed it, here are the two Top 10 lists I read on the show (in alphabetical order):

My Top 10 Favorite Movies

My Top 10 Favorite Actresses

Keep in mind that these are really a few of my favorite movies and actresses it's really hard to come up with only 10. They told me to make sure the actresses I chose were real famous. There are a lot of B-movie actresses who I wouldn't miss: Shannon Whirry, Michelle Bauer, Monique Parent, etc. who I couldn't mention because most people wouldn't know who they are.
And for your information, the "naked singing playmate" who was on Howard's show last week was Stacy Rucker. If you watch the E! channel and saw her and wondered what she looks like naked, she's in the following magazines:

My cousin emailed me a link to a web site from a guy named Mark who writes a summary of Howard's Shows. Click here.

So, you enjoyed Neve Campbell in Scream -- well here's something to scream about! Set your VCR to record Northern Passage on HBO next Friday, July 25 at 2 pm (Pacific time). I haven't seen it yet, but readers report she has 3 brief nude scenes in this 1994 Canadian film - one buns shot and two breast shots. I'll scream if my VCR messes up on this one!
FOLLOW UP NOTE (7.27.97): I quickly fast forwarded through this film. Neve's buns scene occurs at 0:16 into the film, unfortunately, it's brief and a long distance shot so it only gets one * -- but enough to get Neve listed in the 1998 Supplement. Readers have written in to say that there are single frames of breasts when she gets attacked by the bad guy in the cabin. I'll go back and watch in slow-motion on those parts, but if they are there, there's not much to see. Overall, a disappointment. If you missed it, you won't lose any sleep over it.

6.26.97 - TAYLOR DAYNE
There is a new movie to be shown on HBO Friday night (June 27) called Stag:A cable guide I read stated there is nudity in it and Entertainment Weekly wrote that singer Taylor Dayne does a striptease in it.
Here's a description from HBO's web site: "Wild times turn deadly when fate takes a murderous swipe at a bachelor party in this tense thriller. Suspense is the key word, as the fun gets out of hand and a stripper dies."
Hopefully, Taylor Dayne won't be using a body double. Gentlemen, program your VCR's...
FOLLOW UP NOTE (6.28.97): After watching the first part of the movie, it looked like the other stripper at the party is the only one to get naked, Taylor Dayne doesn't look like she has any nude scenes. More information to come...

You may have noticed that Gloria Reuben (Dr. Jeanie Boulet from TV's ER) is listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide. I didn't realize it at the time, but she has a better nude scene in Wild Orchid 2: Two Shades of Blue. At 32 minutes into the film, you get to see her breasts while she is in a room in front of a fireplace with a customer (**). She's wearing a blonde wig and her character's name is Celeste. Unfortunately, the scene is kind of short. Check it out!

6.18.97 - TONI BRAXTON
You may or may not have noticed that singer Toni Braxton is on the cover of Vibe magazine (I think it's the June issue). Unfortunately, the magazine was wrapped in plastic at the only store I saw it in, so I couldn't check it out. I didn't want to waste my money on it if there was nothing in it of interest, so I passed. Here's a site found by Craig M., called the Toni Braxton Image Page. Check it out ASAP because the first page says "images will change every few weeks." Please excuse me while I see if that store still has some magazines left...

So you can't wait to see Kristin Scott-Thomas' nude scenes on video tape in the soon to be released The English Patient. Well, the Masterpiece Theater series Body and Soul with Kristin Scott-Thomas is now available on video tape from Critics Choice Video (and probably other places as well). Their phone number is 1-800-367-7765. Tell them The Bare Facts sent you! (Not that you'll get any discount, but I would like them to know I'm helping them with free advertising!) It costs $52.77 for the 3 video tape set. Bare Facts readers will know which of the video cassettes contain her nude scenes!

6.5.97 - PETA WILSON
A reader sends this tidbit of information to watch for in the upcoming repeat episode of the USA Network's La Femme Nikita, episode title "Choice."
"During the opening scenes of Nikita (Peta Wilson) with her boyfriend, she is lying on top of him in bed, nude. As she raises up, for about 3 seconds you get a clear side glimpse of her left breast and nipple. And on network TV!"
Hopefully, no one complained about his flash when the episode first aired, so it won't be edited or pixelated out. The episodes will air on The USA Channel on Monday, June 9 and Friday, June 13 -- so you have two days to catch it in case your VCR messes up on Monday!

Have you seen the Honda CR-V commercials that have been airing on television since the Super Bowl? A newspaper photograph of Honda's new CR-V sports utility vehicle comes to "life" and begins driving through other photographs in the newspaper.
In one version of the commercial, it drives through a beach photograph of a B-movie with a sea monster and a screaming actress wearing a blue swimsuit. That actress is none other than Cory Lane (a.k.a. Teresa Langley) who has listings in both The Bare Facts Video Guide 1996 Edition and the 1997 Supplement.

5.23.97 - VIVIAN WU
I've read in Entertainment Weekly and Parade magazines that Vivian Wu will have nude scenes in a new Peter Greenaway film called The Pillow Book.. Vivian has been in such films as The Joy Luck Club, The Last Emperor and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.

It's true! Lucy Lawless (TV's Xena) was singing the National Anthem at a hockey game (The Mighty Ducks vs. the Red Wings) on May 6th in Detroit, Michigan. She raised her arm and the top of her outfit went down and her left breast went up. Several people wrote that they watched it live and the nudity lasted several seconds. Fortunately, someone was video taping it and did a screen capture. Check out Ms. Lawless by clicking here.
Unfortunately, the link I had to a web site that had an AVI video available for download is no longer available. If anyone knows of a good link, please let me know.

The rumors you have heard are true, Gillian Anderson from TV's X-Files does have a nude scene in a film called, The Turning! The film was done in 1992 and it's a "regular" movie, not a "porn" movie. It also stars Karen Allen.
The good news is that Gillian does have a nude scene, the bad news it's not a very good one. She has a love scene with a guy and you see her in a bra as he undresses her. He takes off her bra and you get two glimpses of the side of most of her left breast (no nipple). Then you briefly see her right breast in an over the shoulder shot as he lowers her to the ground. If it was done by an unknown actress I would rate it * out of ***. Since it is Gillian Anderson, I'll give it a **.
The Turning will have a limited release in movie theaters starting in May. It will be released on video tape in September. I know the distributor, so I will be able to offer it for sale.

After 20 years, The Stepford Wives is finally being released on video.
Just remember that Katharine Ross' "nude" scene was done with fake breasts. The video will be released on April 22, 1997.

Reader Rodney writes in with this information about Penthouse Pet (September 1996) Tania Russof who has started to do adult films:
"Just to let you know that she goes BEYOND hard core in the movie The Pyramid, she does it all! and looks like a seasoned pro doing it! She has actually been in about 15 movies from Private, and a few others."

Don't forget, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit '97 is going to be on TNT, Saturday, February 22. Check your TV Guide for the time in your area.
Also, one of our eagle-eyed viewers, Robert, swears he saw a bit of nipple on this week's episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena and her female companion, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), are taking a bath together and Robert thinks he saw an accidental nipple flash by Gabrielle. In my area, this week's Xena is repeated on Saturday night. Set your VCR's and we'll check this out for ourselves.
FOLLOW UP NOTE (7.27.97): The Xena episode is called "A Day in the Life." I taped it and reviewed it. The hot tub scene starts at 0:23 (including commercials). Near the end of the scene, Gabrielle is on the right and when she scoots up, I can see that she's wearing some kind of flesh-colored swimsuit top over her right breast (and therefore the unseen left breast). All together now: Awww!
Entertainment Tonight reported that Farrah Fawcett will be doing a pay-per-view show for Playboy. Hopefully, this will end up as a Playboy Celebrity Video for those of us without PPV capability.

If you have been waiting years for Nicolas Roeg's Walkabout starring Jenny Agutter to come to video, your wait is almost over.
The letterboxed Director's cut made from a new 35mm print with 5 minutes of restored footage will be released on video tape on April 1, 1997! Check your local video stores.

Another reader sends us this link to DAI - The Renegade Celebrity Image Montage Web Site for some montages of Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino from Norma Jean & Marilyn.. While cruising the site, I also note that there are montages of Toni Braxton from the American Music Awards and Shirley Manson of Garbage from the VH-1 Fashion Awards.

Reader Rick has this to report:
"Hopefully you have seen or soon will see Jude. Kate Winslet does a *** full frontal, extended nude scene that is the best one I've seen in a long time from an 'A' list actress."

Hopefully, you were able to catch singer Toni Braxton on The American Music Awards last Tuesday, January 28th! She wore some very sexy outfits while she was singing during the opening number. She wore a men's suit style jacket with no blouse underneath, then she wore the all white jumpsuit like she wears in her music video. For the rest of the show she wore a plunging dress that host Sinbad made at least two references to.
When she received her second award about 2 hours and 25 minutes into the show, she stood up in the audience and started hugging her friends nearby, her right breast was almost sticking out of the dress. No nudity, but still great eye candy none the less!

Reader Mike Myers reports: "According to the Jan/Feb issue of Movieline magazine, Heather Graham is shooting a movie titled, Boogie Nights, a satirical look at the '70s porn scene in Los Angeles. The film stars Heather, Mark Wahlberg, and Julianne Moore. The article says that Mark and Heather have a sex scene together--during which she wears roller skates!!
Sounds very interesting, although we may have to wait for the video release to see the movie in its uncut glory. I know Heather has managed to avoid nudity thus far in her career, but I don't see how she could in this role. Just thought that would interest you."

You might be wondering which 1996 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1996 Edition and The Bare Facts Video Guide-1997 Supplement.
Best Actors

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Actresses

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Supporting Actors

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Supporting Actresses

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

1.19.97 - BUCK NAKED
From Marilyn Beck's Grapevine column: Bill Pullman, Buck Henry, Ann Magnuson and Olympia Dukakis will pool their comedic talents in the big-screen Sugar Daddy, which begins production January 27 in Las Vegas. Sounds like it'll have spice as well as sugar. Casting notices inform agents that characters in the film will be "involved in various degrees of nudity."

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