Nude News From 1998

12.21.98 - SABLE
An anonymous reader writes in with this exclusive hot tip: The beautiful and well-toned Sable, who is the World Wrestling Federation current Women's Champion, will be featured in a future issue of Playboy magazine. She shot her pictorial December 16-18 in Santa Monica, California. The reader reports that "Yesss, you will see ALLL of Sable!"

This report from Tom: "Greetings, Good News. I saw a screening of Shakespeare in Love last night and am pleased to report that Gwyneth Paltrow bares her breasts several times. At about the 50 minute point, Gwyneth's character has her first sex scene with William Shakespeare and we get to see a nice side shot of her breasts. Then, for about the next ten minutes, there is some cross-cutting between actors rehearsing a play and Shakespeare and Gwyneth in bed and we see her topless 3 or 4 more times from different angles." Thanks from all of us Tom!
Of course, if you are a faithful Bare Facts reader, you know there are several films available on video tape, where you can see her unclothed already. (Although I'm inclined to think her brief nude scene in the beginning of Hush was done by a body double.)

Model Paulina Porizkova has a great nude scene in the newly released Thursday. Check it out at your local video store. The video tape is available in both R-rated and unrated versions.
Follow Up: Mark, from Mark Umpire's Celebrity Graphics reports: "I located a copy of the unrated version of Thursday. Paulina's nude scene is exactly the same in both the R-rated version and the unrated version. It's about 56 minutes into the film (actually a bit further in the unrated version), and it lasts about 40 seconds. No full frontal nudity in either version - only a quick, fully nude rear view, and then from the waist up for the rest of the scene. Some great topless shots!" Thanks for helping us not waste time trying to track down the unrated version Mark!

If you've seen Alanis Morissette's music video for her new song, "Thank U," you know that she looks like she's walking around a city naked. Her long hair is placed strategically over her breasts and it looks like she's not wearing panties, because they have pixelated out her lower extremities.
Here's what Entertainment Weekly had to say about it in their November 6, 1998 issue: "The clip was shot over two nights on the deserted streets of downtown Los Angeles and in a nearby subway and supermarket. She really was buck nekkid, except for two-inch latex patches over her nipples (to comply with local laws) and a patch over her [pubic area]."
So there is no "European version" where you get to see her really naked, so we don't need to waste time trying to find a copy of something that doesn't exist.
Follow Up: A reader from Denmark writes in to assure us that the version in Denmark is exactly like the U.S. version.

12.10.98 - LESLIE GLASS
I've been meaning to mention this for some time: If you haven't heard, Leslie Glass, former Penthouse Pet and current adult film actress is currently battling cancer. Unfortunately, she didn't have insurance to cover it, so she's paying for her own treatment. Some of her fellow adult film actresses are helping her out by doing fundraising dance shows, etc. If you'd like to help with a donation, you can make it out to "Leslie Glass" and mail it to her at:

P.O. Box 39375
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33339

Also, videos tapes and other items can be purchased from Jenteal's web site. The proceeds will be donated to Leslie.

Several readers have emailed and faxed with the great news that the 1989 film, Desire, which has excellent nude scenes by Josie Bissett, will be airing on Pay-Per-View this month. If you have the Pay-Per-View system called Hot Choices, Desire will be showing it almost every day in December.
Follow Up: James reports that Desire with Josie Bissett is also playing on DIRECTV's PPV channel 160.

11.18.98 - OOPS!
Readers have been writing into me to let me know of the first mistake they have found in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1998 Edition:
I accidentally left out Hedy Burress' entry for her nude scenes in Foxfire! Hedy's scene occurs at the 40 minute mark and is a three star nude scene. Ms. Burress has also appeared on TV's Boston Common. Thanks for the input and it will be corrected in the 1999 Edition.

11.17.98 - HUDSON LEICK
Randel writes in with great news: Denial will air in December on Cinemax!
Denial Rating: TVMA Minutes: 92 Color: Color Sound: Dolby Surround Sound Genre: Comedy, Romance Cast: Jason Alexander, Ryan Alosio, Patrick Dempsey, Angie Everheart, Leah Lail, Charles Shaughnessy, Jonathan Silverman, Christine Taylor, Amy Yasbeck.
Description: Seinfeld's Jason Alexander heads a cast of straying couples in a lighthearted look at romantic mischief. He's a writer convinced that humans are "cheaters" by nature--and that anyone who disagrees is in denial. From the time they hear his claim at an L.A. dinner party, though, the loving twosomes in his circle do little to disprove his theory. Heavy-breathing hijinks, directed by the writer of Mouse Hunt.

Fri, Dec 25 8:00 pm MAX East
Fri, Dec 25 10:00 pm MAX Mtn
Fri, Dec 25 11:00 pm MAX West

Looks like Santa is bringing us a great present on Christmas Eve!

11.16.98 - ALYSSA MILANO
From the news wires: Alyssa Milano has a new avocation - Internet vigilante. With the help of her mother, the star of TV series "Charmed," "Who's the Boss?" and "Melrose Place" has formed a company called Cybertrackers that surfs the web for unauthorized nude photos of celebrities. Milano tells the December edition of Cosmopolitan magazine she started the business three years ago after her then-12-year-old brother Cory logged onto an Alyssa web site and got an eyeful of his big sister. "I was sorry it hurt him," she tells Cosmo. "I mean, I have no problem with the nudity I've done. I just don't want someone taking it out of context and making $15,000 a month off of it." Cybertrackers has sued five sites for using unauthorized nude celebrity photos and won money in each case.

10.30.98 - DR. LAURA
You've probably heard the news recently that radio psychologist Laura Schlessinger ("Dr. Laura") has had trouble with some nude photos of her that were taken during an alleged affair she had in the mid-1970's with Bill Ballance. Both Schlessinger and Ballance were married to other people at the time. The photos were posted on the Internet Entertainment Group's web site, but Schlessinger tried to force IEG to take them down. (IEG is the same group that released the Pamela and Tommy Lee video tape.)
Previously, I listed another site that was reposting the pics, but it was probably shut down by the Internet Service Provider host because there were too many hits.
Follow Up: The judge for the case determined that it was too late to stop IEG from publishing the photos, since so many people had already downloaded the photos and were posting them on other web sites, so IEG is again allowed to put the photos on their web site. The photos are located at IEG's ClubLove web site. You have to become a memeber to see the pictures.

10.16.98 - GREAT NEWS
Thanks to email from Kruger, Jack, Randel and Ferret, we have some great news regarding Hudson Leick. If you watch TV's Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Hudson plays the bad girl, Callisto. If you've never heard of Hudson, and you think that "Hudson" doesn't sound like a woman's name, don't worry, she is definitely a woman - and a very beautiful woman at that!
Hudson's nude scene is in a film called Denial that is not even released on film yet! Isn't the Internet great? It's now possible for us to receive and distribute important information like this quickly. Readers say that in the images they have seen, that Hudson shows only her breasts. Denial also stars Amy Yasbeck. A reader has informed me that Yasbeck does not have a nude scene in it.
A reader wrote that Hudson is in the film for a total of only 8 minutes, so the love scene has to be fewer than that. Originally, Hudson was in the movie for 15 minutes, but the other 7 minutes were cut.

I just received my copy of the November 1998 issue of Playboy magazine and it says ice skater Katerina Witt will have a pictorial in next month's December 1998 issue! Thanks Playboy!

10.1.98 - VCR ALERT
This Friday morning, October 2, the Encore cable TV channel will be airing Luna (1979) with Jill Clayburgh. As far as I know, Luna has never been released on video tape and I'm pretty sure she has nude scenes in it, so set your VCR up to tape it. Check your local listings to find the exact show time (in my area, it airs at 1:35 am Thursday night/Friday morning).
Follow up: Two readers have reminded me that the movie is about 2 and 1/2 hours long, so if you want to record it in SP rather than EP mode, you have to use a T-160 video tape. Also, one reader thinks that Jill Clayburgh has only one nude scene which occurs about 1:07 into the film when she goes to take a shower. (He had taped it before when it aired on cable TV.)

Matt writes in with this tip: "I just saw a movie called The Governess the other night. Minnie Driver shows her breasts a couple of times and her butt once while posing for her employer. Not bad!" Thanks Matt!

9.18.98 - KRISTA ALLEN
Don't miss the new Emmanuelle in Space series showing on Cinemax on Friday nights. It stars the always lovely, Krista Allen. Remember her in Liar, Liar? She's the one who is riding in the elevator with Jim Carrey when he ends up saying something like "It's probably because you have such big..." [as the elevator door closes]. Krista also plays Billie Reed on TV's Days of Our Lives.
Krista also has some nice nude scenes in The Haunted Sea, which has been showing on Showtime. (It's a lousy movie, but she's got some great nude scenes!)

8.25.98 - VCR ALERT
Two different readers write in with this tip: "This Friday August 28, HBO will be showing an original motion picture titled Indiscreet. Watching the trailers currently airing on HBO, it looks like Gloria Reuben (TV's ER) has a nude scene in it."

8.17.98 - GOT DVD?
Larry writes in with yet another DVD tip: "I purchased the DVD of Eve's Bayou today and it features a short film made by director Kasi Lemmons. The short, entitled Dr. Hugo is interesting to fans of the feature due to some fun similarities, but it's of interest to fans of The Bare Facts due to the presence of actress Victoria Rowell. The short runs 20 minutes and Rowell's role is essentially the same thing as her brief role in Eve's Bayou except at 7 minutes into the short there is a very nice view of almost her entire left breast as Dr. Hugo (played by the director's husband) checks her out and at 12 minutes there is a brief view of her entire left breast. The camera also spends a decent amount of time lingering on her cleavage in the sexy nightgown she wears."
Larry continues: "Unlike the Boogie Nights or Starship Troopers' scenes (which are also available on the laserdisc versions) this short is exclusive to DVD. Rowell is probably most famous for her eight year stint as Drucilla on The Young and the Restless and she's also a cast member of Diagnosis: Murder. She had prominent roles in Barb Wire and Dumb and Dumber among other films. Lemmons herself is of course also featured in The Bare Facts. I hope this is a decent return for all the great tips you've provided me, and other loyal readers, with over the past few years."

Erich writes in with this DVD tip: "I just read a review in Entertainment Weekly about the DVD release of the original director's cut of Ganja & Hess, with nudity by Marlene Clark, Duane Jones (Night of the Living Dead), Richard Harrow, and actor/writer/director Bill Gunn. I have previously seen Blood Couple, the edited version which had been the only cut available on video, and I thought you might be interested to know that it's now available in its original form. (I don't have a DVD player myself, so I won't be able to check it out...too bad.). The DVD version has a bit more nudity than the edited Blood Couple version."

8.11.98 - GRETCHEN MOL
I forgot to mention, while you are at your bookstore picking up a copy of Rolling Stone magazine, don't forget to check out the September issue of Vanity Fair magazine. On the cover is a rather fetching photograph of an up-and-coming actress, Gretchen Mol. It appears that Gretchen doesn't like to wear a bra and the studio where the photograph was taken was very cold - if you know what I mean!

8.10.98 - TIDBITS
Visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Rolling Stone magazine. Model Laetitia Casta is "nude" on the cover. Check out the cover at the Rolling Stone web site by clicking here. You only really get to see part of her buns and the back half of her right breast (no nipple). Laetitia is a popular 20 year old French model who has appeared all over the place including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and Victoria's Secret catalogs. Here are several web sites for Laetitia: Click here, or here, or here, or here.

This month's September issue of Playboy magazine has an interesting 10 page pictorial with Melrose Place actress Lisa Rinna. She appears full frontal nude while 6 months pregnant! Another great item is a mention of The Bare Facts Video Guide in the "Playmate News" section. Next month's October issue of Playboy magazine will feature a new pictorial by Cindy Crawford.

Brad Pitt is using a body double for his nude scene in his next film.

One of my personal favorites, Sherilyn Fenn, has a new series on Showtime called Rude Awakenings. Judging from the first two episodes aired so far, it appears that she won't be doing a lot of nudity in it. Never fear, there's always video tape. Two you don't want to miss are Two Moon Junction (1988) and Meridian: Kiss of the Beast (1989).

Kate Winslet is in Australia filming Holy Smoke. It's directed by Jane Campion and also stars Harvey Keitel and Pam Grier. Kate has a nude scene in it with Harvey Keitel. A reporter from USA Today called me to ask me what other nude scenes Kate Winslet has done besides Titanic. Bare Facts readers know that she has a great full frontal nude scene in Jude (1996).

From today's paper: Angela Bassett was being interviewed about her latest film, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. She explained that she refused to do any nude scenes in it because "it's always the girl who takes her clothes off. We're the objects. It's just not necessary" Bare Facts readers know that they can still glimpse Ms. Bassett unclothed in the films City of Hope (1991) and Critters 4 (1992).

8.8.98 - LOLITA
The much talked about and hyped, Lolita, has been airing lately on Showtime. From what I've read, Dominique Swain plays the part of Lolita and Jeremy Irons plays the older guy who is in love with her. Dominique was 15 years old at the time of filming. They used a body double to film her nude scenes, but they had to cut those from the film anyway because of a law created in 1996 that does not allow the use older actors or actresses to portray people who appear less than the legal age for sexual scenes. The only nude scene in the film is frontal nudity of Frank Langella near the end.

Here are some interesting tidbits of information I picked up at a recent video convention I attended in Las Vegas.

Jack writes in with another DVD tip: "There are a couple of deleted scenes in the DVD version of Starship Troopers with Denise Richards that your readers might find interesting. The first scene contains no actual nudity, but is a lengthy dialog scene (probably why it was cut) in which most of her bare breast is visible as her costar feels her up under her shirt. The second scene is much better as Denise is standing in front of a mirror in a sheer bra. The mirror is surrounded by heavy fluorescent lighting which renders the bra almost transparent. In essence, this is a topless scene that lasts 10 or 15 seconds. Her face is also clearly visible the whole time so there can't be any potential body double issues. Both of these scenes are included in the "deleted scenes" menu on side two of the disk."

If you happened to miss the luscious Angelina Jolie on HBO's made-for-cable TV movie, Gia, you are in luck! Actually, all of us Angelina fans are in luck because the video release of Gia will be in two versions, regular and an "extended unrated version!" Look for it at your local video store on July 21.

5.16.98 - ALLY McBEAL
David writes in with this tip from USA Today: "Courtney Thorne-Smith bares all - well almost - on Monday's season finale of Ally McBeal. The Fox series shows off some NYPD Blue-style nudity when Georgia (Thorne-Smith) enjoys a late-night seduction scene with husband Billy (Gil Bellows) in the law firm's conference room. Who should interrupt the interlude but Ally (Calista Flockhart), of course. Clearly visible is part of Georgia's derriere - somewhat tamer than the full view originally shot. (Other naked parts are artfully concealed by office furniture.) This marks a daring departure for Fox: Despite its penchant for racy dramas and raunchy sitcoms, the network never has aired a nude scene."
FOLLOW UP NOTE (5.20.98): The episode is titled These Are the Days. The much hyped "nude" scene occurs at 50 minutes into the show (including commercials). To spice up their married sex life, Courtney Thorne-Smith, wants to make love at work, so she walks into her husband's office wearing only shoes. As she walks in, the camera tilts up from her shoes, up her legs, where you very briefly see only her left butt cheek, then up to her back. When she talks with her husband, her breasts are strategically hidden behind a desk lamp. All in all, pretty disappointing, not even as good as some of the "nudity" you see on NYPD Blue. So if you missed it, you didn't miss much.
Coincidentally, on the previous night's episode of The Simpsons (also on the Fox network), Homer and Marge discovered that their sex life was spiced up by having sex in public places where they might possibly be caught. Their favorite hang out: Inside the windmill at the miniature golf course. Notably, this is the first time I've seen female nudity on this animated show (I didn't go back and check it out frame by frame, but you do see quick glimpses of Marge's backside as she and Homer sneak around town naked, trying not to be seen.). We've been "treated" to seeing the butts of the male cast: Homer, Bart, Barney and even Mr. Smithers, but never any female rear ends (not that this means a lot to me). It just goes along with my theory that a lot of male nudity (even in animation) is shown for laughs, whereas female nudity is usually shown for sensuality.

Jack writes in with this great tip: "I know it will come as no surprise to you at this point that Heather Graham has a great full frontal nude scene in Boogie Nights, however I bought the DVD special edition today and was very pleasantly surprised to find a second nude scene of Heather included in the "deleted scenes" menu of the disc. The scene is called "Maurice and Rollergirl" and it lasts about two minutes. In the scene, Rollergirl walks in on Maurice, and while he rambles on concerning his anxiety about his first porn performance she proceeds to get undressed. There is an excellent frontal topless scene that lasts longer and is much better lighted than the one that was in the final cut of the film. I don't know if these scenes will be included in the laserdisc or not, but today I was sure glad that I have a DVD Player."

4.8.98 - SAD NEWS
I just read in today's newspaper that singer/actress Wendy O. Williams recently killed herself. She was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Monday by her manager/companion.

4.7.98 - PUSH
If you caught the new ABC TV series, Push and were intrigued by Nikki Lang, who is played by Jaime Pressly, don't forget she has a great pictorial in the March 1998 issue of Playboy magazine. She also has numerous excellent nude scenes on video tape in Poison Ivy 3: The New Seduction.
Reader Erich chimes in: "Also don't forget that Maureen Flannigan who plays Erin is listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide and Laurie Fortier who plays Cara shows most of her buns in a swimsuit (along with Claire Danes) in To Gillian on her 37th Birthday."

3.24.98 - 1997 ACADEMY AWARDS
Well, there were no see-through outfits this year at the Academy Awards. The only nudity was Billy Crystal's spoof montage in the beginning when he parodies Kate Winslet's nude scene in Titanic (complete with fake breasts). Madonna had a nice, cleavage-revealing dress.
Don't throw away that video tape that you made just yet. If you fast forward 1 hour and 50 minutes in, right after James Cameron and friends receive their award for Best Editing, Ashley Judd walks across the stage to the podium in a nice, white, side slit dress. Several people have mentioned that you can see her bare crotch, but it looks to me like she is wearing black panties. I'm sure there are going to be screen captures available on the web soon.

3.23.98 - WILD THINGS
Two readers wrote in with reports on Wild Things starring Neve Campbell (TV's Party of Five) and Denise Richards (Starship Troopers).
David writes: "Extremely disappointed in the lone, brief scene. What a body on Denise Richards, but less display than Reese Witherspoon had in Twilight. Denise looks better in a swimsuit than most women look nude. You could see tape over Neve Campbell's nipples."
Robert writes: "In regards to the much-talked about menage-a-trois involving Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon, the only person who seems to get naked is Richards, but I don't recall any clear shots with her face, so it may be a body double. The scene ends with Campbell or perhaps a body double taking off her shirt, but all one sees is her bare back from the waist up. Kevin Bacon has a nude scene. Emerging from a shower, there's a clear shot of his bare butt, and he turns around as another character hands him a towel, and judging from the reaction of the audience, there's a momentary shot of frontal nudity. All in all, lots of lingering shots of Richards' anatomy (thighs, butt, etc.) wet, but anyone hoping for a nude scene with Campbell will have to keep on waiting. In the latest issue of Details, Campbell intimates that she'll never do a nude scene."

From the newspaper the other day: Asked to do a nude love scene with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, Renee Zellweger didn't have to think twice. "She was direct, looking me right in the eye," director Cameron Crowe recalled. "It wasn't like, 'I'm a bashful girl. I'm in over my head.' None of that. It was, 'I'm not going to do this.'"

You might be wondering which 1997 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1996 Edition and The Bare Facts Video Guide-1997 Supplement.
Best Actors - It's a clean sweep for the guys!

Have done nude scenes:

Best Actresses - It's a clean sweep for the gals!

Have done nude scenes:

Best Supporting Actors

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Best Supporting Actresses

Have done nude scenes:

Have not done nude scenes:

Bare Facts reader Tom writes in with this report: "I saw Great Expectations last night. Although Premiere magazine said that Gwyneth Paltrow spends much of the movie nude, I'm afraid those scenes are a bit of a disappointment. About halfway through the movie's two hour length, Gwyneth poses nude to be drawn by Ethan Hawke's character. You never get to see her breasts at all clearly except in one or two brief shots that are WAY out of focus. (her breasts seem small and pointy). There is an extended montage of her posing but it's shot in such a way that they're showing everything but the goodies. You don't even see her butt. You do get to see the drawings but since they look like they were drawn by a drunk eight-year-old, those too are a disappointment. Sorry for the bad news."
Thanks for the warning Tom!

Bare Facts reader Douglas writes in with this report: "In the first show of the new season there is brief full rear view of Peta Wilson when she gets up to go to Michael after making love. Also just before this she has on a very tight and sheer T-shirt. This is about 20 minutes into the show. Michael also shows his bare butt as well."
Thanks Douglas!
Fortunately for us, the USA channel repeats episodes of La Femme Nikita every week. Here are the next scheduled airings of that "Hard Landing" episode (double check with the TV listings for your time zone):

Friday, January 9, 1998 - 1:30 AM
Friday, January 9, 1998 - 10:00 PM (There are two episodes this night, the earlier one at 9:00 PM is last season's last episode.)

FOLLOW UP NOTE (2.17.98): The episode is titled Hard Landing. The nude scene occurs at 33 minutes into the show (including commercials). One nice touch from the USA channel is at 27 minutes, they show the message: "The following segment contains minimal nudity. Parental discretion is advised." A reader has told me that according to an interview Peta did on Entertainment Tonight, she used a body double, but Roy Dupuis (Michael) did his own nudity.

Showtime is starting to air new episodes of Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries. Each episode is shown on Saturday night, with a repeat broadcast on Tuesday night. Hopefully the upcoming episodes will show more nudity than last night's segment, "Banished." The amount of naked bodies was disappointing. Nice dancing though.

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