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11.5.99 - WINONA RYDER
Several people have written in to happily note that the lovely Winona Ryder has a couple of nude scenes in her upcoming film, Girl, Interrupted.
Rick writes in with this tip: "I read in Vogue, of all places, that Winona Ryder has not one, but two of her first nude scenes in her movie Girl Interrupted due out this Christmas. Specifically, she is totally nude in bed with some guy, and has two bathtub scenes. Lets hope the camera doesn't let us down, I've been waiting forever for her to lose her clothes." Thanks Rick!

10.28.99 - YES, I'M STILL ALIVE
I apologize for the long, long delay in updating this web site. I've been busy with various personal things.
First off, The Bare Facts Video Guide CD-ROM 2000 is available now. I've been shipping them since September.
As you have probably heard (or hopefully seen) the film American Beauty, has nude scenes by Mena Suvari and Thora Birch. Mena Suvari was recently seen (clothed) in American Pie (She's a patriotic girl - she likes acting in films with "American" in the title.) You may remember Thora Birch as Harrison Ford's daughter in Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games. Well guess what? Thora is a big girl now (and I do mean big!). Since Thora was 16 when she made American Beauty, there has been some speculation as to whether or not she did her own nudity. If you watch the film, you'll see it is possible to have used special-effects to composite Thora's head with a body double. The way the scene is shot, she's standing in a paned window and one of the horizontal panes cuts right across her neck. In my professional opinion, I have to say that it was all her and no special-effects. Also, according to one of my reliable sources, Thora said it was all her in an interview. This leads to the question: If Thora was only 16, wouldn't this be considered child porn? I guess the answer to that is no, because Thora is just standing in the window. Now if she was engaged in a simulated sexual act, that might be considered child porn. Even Brooke Shields did some risqué nudity in Pretty Baby and she was 12 or 13 at the time. By the way, American Beauty is a great film to watch for other things besides the nudity, so I recommend that you go and see it in the theaters!
You may have been lucky enough to see clips of Kari Wuhrer's film, Vivid, floating around on the net. The film has been available in Canada for some time now. It's coming out on video tape here in the United States. Check your local video stores on November 30th. Make sure you get the Erotic version, not the R-rated version!


Follow up 2.2.02: Vivid has been retitled Luscious for the US release. It still has the same great nude scenes inside, only the title has changed.

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If you are a fan of Keri Russell, star of the hit TV show, Felicity, you'll definitely want to check out Eight Days a Week, showing up at your local video store on August 3rd. Her "nude" scene at 1 hour and 26 minutes into the film is not that great (Very brief side of left breast while lying on bed). She does have a great wet T-shirt scene while running through a water sprinkler 1 minute into the film, though. There's also a great sunbathing scene where she wears a two piece swimsuit at 20 minutes in.
Reader Rob also passes on to us the great news that the lovely Rene Russo is finally doing a topless scene in the upcoming The Thomas Crown Affair. Way to go Rene! Also thanks to producer Pierce Brosnan for hiring her for the part.

The Thomas Crown Affair

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You have probably had the pleasure of seeing newcomer actress Shannon Elizabeth, nude either in the August issue of Playboy magazine or in the hot new film American Pie. David, a sharp eyed Bare Facts reader noted that Shannon Elizabeth does have a last name and she appears in the video tape Jack Frost. Note this is NOT the Jack Frost with Michael Keaton. The Jack Frost that Shannon Elizabeth appears in (and briefly shows her buns while wearing panties and also in the shower) will be found in the horror section of your local video store. In it, she is credited as Shannon Elizabeth Fabal.

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, last seen on the big screen starring opposite Sean Connery in Entrapment, is reportedly fighting mad over the paparazzi who recently snapped photos of her sharing a private vacation with actor Michael Douglas. According to Britain's ITV, Zeta-Jones and Douglas were holed up on a secluded island enjoying a little rest and relaxation when photographers snapped pictures of them with telephoto lenses. "Not knowing that someone with a telephoto lens is watching you is kind of unnerving," Zeta-Jones said. "It's very voyeuristic." She went on to say that she cannot wait "to nail" the photographers who took pictures of her and Douglas - especially since she was caught on film topless.

5.10.99 - R.I.P. DANA PLATO
MOORE, Okla. (AP) - Actress Dana Plato, who like her fellow Diff'rent Strokes child co-stars had seen legal troubles since the show was canceled, has died of a drug overdose. Plato, 34, apparently took the painkiller Loritab along with Valium on Saturday while visiting the home of her fiance's parents. "The death appears to be an accidental overdose. We don't suspect suicide," police said Sunday. Plato played Kimberly Drummond on the NBC sitcom that ran from 1978 to 1984. She was arrested in 1991 for robbing a Las Vegas video store, and was placed on five years' probation. In 1992 she was given an additional five years' probation for forging prescriptions for Valium. For more information, click here.

Several readers have written in to report the great news that Baywatch babe, Alexandra Paul, has full frontal nude photos in this month's issue of the French magazine, Newlook.
A reader wrote in to refute the report (see below) that Rachel Hunter is posing for Playboy magazine. He saw a segment on TV's Hard Copy that said the newspaper story was false.

4.19.99 - TIDBITS
Supermodel Rachel Hunter (ex-wife of singer Rod Stewart) is currently in Tahiti, shooting a Playboy magazine pictorial. It's rumored that she's being paid $500,000 for the layout. Apparently, Hugh Hefner was anxious to get Rachel to pose for the magazine since Rod Stewart is dating Kimberly Conrad (Hefner's ex-wife).
WWF Female wrestler Sable, who recently posed for the April 1999 issue of Playboy magazine, will be shooting another Playboy pictorial. Although there is a truckload of unused/unseen photos from her first nude photo shoot, the deal has been struck to shoot all-new all-nude stuff.
You've probably heard this last week, but I thought I'd mention it anyway: Pamela Anderson (currently seen on TV's V.I.P.) has had her breast implants removed. The late night talk show hosts were having a field day last week making jokes about it. I heard on the radio that teen singer Britney Spears possibly has breast implants (Not that there's anything wrong with that!). The story was that one of Britney's assistants was helping her change clothes and noticed scars on Britney's breasts.
Access Hollywood reports that Clint Eastwood's daughter, actress Alison Eastwood, will be doing her first nude scene in her upcoming film, Friends & Lovers.
On the April 2, 1999 showing of TV's The View, Meredith Vieira was modeling an old prom dress. She accidentally popped out of her top and one of her breasts were briefly shown as the other two co-hosts tried to shield Meredith from the cameras. If you know of any web sites that have this video clip, email me an I'll post the web addresses here. Thanks!

Check out the May edition of Playboy magazine for some great photographs of Charlize Theron. According to an article I read somewhere else, it seems that Ms. Theron is a bit upset with Playboy for publishing these photos. The photos were taken earlier in her modeling career and were not specifically made for Playboy magazine.
Thanks also to The Playboy Advisor for mentioning The Bare Facts in one of the his answers.

Several people have written in to express their disappointment with Minnie Driver in The Governess:
Robert writes: "...All can say is disappointing. Her nude scenes barely qualify as nude scenes. She bared about only half of her left breast twice for a split second. If you were to blink you would miss it. Only half of her nipple is actually visible. In the part where she shows her butt, there is a good chance that it is a body double. Her face is not visible at all, all you can see is the back of her head. It was very disappointing."
Travis writes in with the body double explanation: "I read an interview she had with the Associated Press that said that the bare butt scene was a body double. She said that she actually was sorry they used a body double in that scene because she said that her own 'bum is much prettier' than the body double. So apparently she had no control over the use of a body double. She said the rest of the scenes were her own though and that she had no problem with nudity if it worked with the plot.
"If you see the butt scene, you can see that it doesn't show Minnie's face. And the body double looks a bit chubbier. I think they wanted a 'Rubenesque' nude shot from behind and that's why they went with a body double."
Thanks for the information Robert and Travis!

4.6.99 - VCR ALERT
Rob sends in these two tips to set your VCR to:
"The Man Who Loved Women, which has Marilu Henner's nude scene in it, will be airing on Encore on April 11 and 23. I was surprised to see that because this movie with the Evening Shade star is hard to find."
"Also, another hard to find movie with Jenny Agutter's nude scenes called China 9, Liberty 37 will also be on Encore. The air dates for this movie will be April 7 and 29."
Thanks for the tips Rob!

Thomas writes in to let us know that the hard-to-find film, The Boogens, with nude scenes by Rebecca Balding is finally available on video tape. Thomas bought his copy a store nearby his home. I checked two online video stores, Movies Unlimited and Reel, and they both have it for sale. Thanks Thomas! Rebecca played Carol David on TV's Soap (1978-81).
Erich writes in with good news: According to Claudia Christian, on her official web site,, she is going to have a pictorial in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine due out later this year. If you visit her web site, check under "What's New" for the notice. Claudia played Commander Susan Ivanova on TV's Babylon 5.
Speaking of Playboy magazine, as reported on this web site last December, World Wrestling Federation babe, Sable, has an excellent pictorial in Playboy's April 1999 issue! Check it out.

A couple of readers have written in to alert us that Natasha Gregson Wagner has nude scenes in her latest film now availble on video tape. Todd says: "In First Love, Last Rites Natasha Gregson Wagner gets really naked twice in the first minute and then around the 30-minute mark she sits topless for a good two minutes."
Thanks Todd!

Check out the latest swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated magazine! In my opinion, it is the most nude issue of theirs I have seen. (Sure to be a best seller too, I bet!) There is even a complete section of models such as Rebecca Romijn, Heidi Klum and Sarah O'Hare wearing nothing but painted on (trompe l'oeil) swimsuits.

You might be wondering which 1998 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1998 Edition.
Best Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Best Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

1.21.99 - COUSIN BETTE
I haven't reviewed this video yet, but Dan was kind enough to send in this review of Elizabeth Shue in Cousin Bette: "At 1hr:23min:45sec the lovely Miss Shue poses for a sculptor. The shot is about waist up; she is reclining to her right; both breasts are visible; she is cradling her right breast just below the nipple; the left nipple is somewhat obscured by curls of hair (you can't tell if it's nipple or hair); the camera does a slow zoom to her face and shoulders letting us linger on that right nipple for about 5 seconds. Miss Shue plays a burlesque performer and there are several shots of her butt seen through a large hole cut out of her tights. The final shot of the film shows a shot of her entire lovely rear as she and other actresses are wearing backless nun outfits."

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