Nude News From 2000

I've been a little lax in keeping you informed of celebrity nudity in Playboy magazine. Playboy has been doing an excellent job with getting celebrities to pose in their magazine.

Playboy magazine August 2000

As you've probably heard, the August 2000 issue brings us "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" ex-bride, Darva Conger in a great pictorial. What I thought was even better is on the very last page. In next month's issue, Shari Belafonte will "show off her erotic side in a daring tropical pictorial."

This got me thinking, it would be a lot of fun for us to compile a list of actresses who we think will eventually do a nude scene vs. those who we think will never do any nudity. Note this is not a list of actresses we would like to do a nude scene. Email me with your list and I'll figure out some way to compile our predictions into some kind of probability table. For example, I think:

Will Eventually Do a Nude Scene

Will Never Do a Nude Scene

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Halle Berry (better than the one she did in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge)

Alicia Silverstone

Winona Ryder

Sela Ward

Here's a warning for you: In thinking about this table, it was much easier for me to list actresses who would never do a nude scene than those who would.

I'm sorry that I didn't post this item earlier--I received a screener videotape of this last Friday. Sandra Bullock's much talked about film, Fire on the Amazon is finally available on videotape and DVD today. First, a little background. This film was made by Roger Corman back in 1993, just before she reached mega-stardom in Speed with Keanu Reeves. For some reason, Corman decided not to release the film until just recently.

Noteworthy is the fact that Sandra Bullock has a "nude" scene in this. The reason that I put the word "nude" in quotes is because Sandra herself has stated that for her love scene in Fire on the Amazon, she didn't want to do any nudity. Sandra put tape over her nipples so that in case there was any footage where you could see her breasts, the tape would show, making the footage unusable.

The videotape and DVD are available in R-rated and unrated versions. (Skip Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video if you are looking for the unrated version. Remember to visit your local Mom-and-Pop video store because they usually carry the more explicit versions.)

Fire on the Amazon

I reviewed the unrated version and this is what I saw: First off, you can fast forward to the 0:50 minute mark. This is where the love scene between Sandra Bullock and Craig Sheffer takes place. It's a bit frustrating because of Sandra's strategically placed hair, arms and hands you don't see any real nudity.

Overall, I would give the scene a * rating. A bit disappointing, but if you are a Sandra Bullock fan, you shouldn't pass this up.

Click here to buy Fire on the Amazon (Unrated) on DVD

5.14.00 - AMY SMART
I was listening to The Howard Stern Show awhile ago and he had the director, Todd Phillips, from the new film Road Trip on. Howard and Todd were talking about Amy Smart's nude scene. Todd said that Amy was a little bit reluctant to do it, but Todd compared her nude scene in Road Trip to Phoebe Cates' nude scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He told her it was important for all the 15 year old boys out there. Then she agreed to do the nude scene. Amy Smart appears on TV's Felicity as Ruby. (I'd say there is a 15 year old boy in all of us!)

This report is from a reader who saw it: "I saw a sneak preview of Road Trip and around the twenty minute mark Amy Smart takes her top off then gets into bed with main character. It is a pretty good and unexpected sight. I think it deserves three stars."

Road Trip

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I didn't report a possible nude scene by Jane Seymour in the Showtime made for cable movie Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kemble earlier because I'm starting to see a pattern of actresses stating they have a nude scene in a film and it turns out that the nudity is cut from the final version. I guess the actresses have realized there are viewers like us who will tune in especially for the nude scenes.

A thoughtful reader emailed me before the first airing, but I decided to hold off on reporting about it because we've been burned in the past. The reader said he saw an article in the LA Times where Jane Seymour said she had a nude scene in Enslavement. The alleged nude scene occurs at 19 minutes into the telepic. You only get to see the brief side of her left breast as she kisses Keith Carradine. There is a subsequent shot where you almost see her right breast while she's lying in bed, but Carradine's hand gets in the way.

There is another nude scene at the 1 minute mark by actress Topaz Hasfal who will be added to the next edition of The Bare Facts Video Guide because she has been in other films.

So my advice is to videotape the first half hour only and fast forward to the 1 minute and 19 minute marks. Enslavement will be repeated on Showtime on May 6, 2000.

Playboy has a new videotape out called Playboy's Girls of Mardi Gras. Here is a list of the lovely ladies that are featured on it:

Holly Guidry
Merritt Cabal
Cory Lane
Roxanne Galla
Tania Bow
Natasha Yi (Playboy Newsstand Special model)
Buffy Sellers
Jovanna Vitiello (Playboy Newsstand Special model)
Katalina Verdin (Playboy Newsstand Special model)
Gigi Saint Blaque
Nicole Dissels
Michelle Conner
Nakita (adult film actress)
Vicca (adult film actress)

Playboy's Girls of Mardi Gras

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If you don't have access to Cinemax, you may have missed the 18 episodes of Emmanuelle in Space that was shown last year starring the voluptuous and sexy Krista Allen. Well, good news, the first 3 episodes are now available for purchase on videotape and DVD titled Emmanuelle: First Contact.

Before you rush out and buy a copy, read this cautionary note about the DVD version from reader Zach:

"I wanted to warn you and your readers about the new Emmanuelle: First Contact DVD with Krista Allen. Don't even bother getting this DVD. Even though it says "Unrated," the movie has been butchered to resemble a mild R-rating. If you want the true steaminess of this original series, just record the episodes when they come back on Cinemax. Don't waste your money.

Can you believe there is NO full frontal nudity on this disc!!! The series on Cinemax was FULL of FFN. Just when you think that you are going to see a full erotic scene, they keep cutting back to footage of the idiots on the spaceship touching themselves! AND there is only ONE scene with Krista on the disc. Ridiculous.

I'm going to unload this disc as fast as I can."

This is Craig writing now: I rented the unrated version of the Emmanuelle: First Contact videotape and it looks like it is the same as what was shown on Cinemax (there is full frontal nudity). So make sure when you rent or buy it, you get only the unrated videotape version, DO NOT get the R-rated video version or the DVD version. (As Zach mentioned above, the unrated videotape does include only one nude scene by Krista Allen. Hopefully New Horizons will also release the other episodes soon.)

Emmanuelle in Space

Follow up 1.13.02: Good news! They have release all of the Emmanuelle in Space episodes on VHS and DVD. There are seven tapes/DVDs in all. Click below to order a boxed set of all seven.

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Reader Harry writes in with this fact: "I picked up a copy of Vanity Fair magazine (April 2000). It has a semi-nude photo of Jennifer Aniston in a section of star portraits. Her photo appears on page 377.She wears a wet, transparent dress. Not a bad picture."
Here's what the cover of the magazine looks like plus a scan of Jennifer Aniston's photo so you can decide if you want to go out and buy the magazine yourself.:

Vanity Fair 1 Vanity Fair 2

By the way, see the attractive brunette woman on the left of the cover above? That's Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. She has a great nude scene in the recently released Open Your Eyes (1997), which can be found at your local video store.

3.30.00 - ANARCHY TV
Reader Kip alerted me to this obscure little gem: Anarchy TV. This video contains surprisingly long nude scenes by Jessica Hecht (TV's Single Guy and recurring guest on TV's Friends). It also contains long nude scenes by Tamayo Otsuki and Jonathan Penner (Showtime's Rude Awakening). The tricky part about this videotape is that is available only at Hollywood Video stores. Hollywood Video has a series of videotapes called First Rites. They say: "First Rites showcases the films of emerging American directors. Each month, First Rites highlights the best in independent filmmaking." Here's what the cover of Anarchy TV looks like:

Anarchy TV

3.23.00 - BODY SHOTS
Body Shots will be coming out on videotape on March 28. It contains the first nude scene by Tara Reid (recently seen in American Pie as the recipient of the Tongue Tornado). Make sure you get the unrated version, not the R-rated version. The unrated cover has a reddish color to it. Here's a scan of it:

Body Shots

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Visit your local newsstand and buy a copy of the March 2000 issue of Gear magazine. There are several sexy photos of actress Jessica Biel (TV's Seventh Heaven). It seems that she's becoming a young woman and wants everybody to know it. There are two photos of her where you can see her breast.

Gear Magazine

If you haven't seen it already, set your VCR to record HBO's If These Walls Could Talk 2. There's one more showing this month on Saturday evening, the 25th at 11:00 pm. (Double check your local listings.) There is a good nude scene by first timer Michelle Williams (TV's Dawson's Creek and the film Halloween: H2O). Ellen DeGeneres also has her first nude scene, in addition to Chloë Sevigny and Sharon Stone.

If These Walls Could Talk 2

Good news! If you missed it on cable TV, you can buy it on videotape and DVD now:

Click here to buy If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) on DVD

You might be wondering which 1999 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1998 Edition. It's a clean sweep for the ladies in all the actress categories!
Best Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Best Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Several readers have written to report that Alicia Witt (TV's Cybill) will have her first real nude scene on The Sopranos this Sunday, February 27 on HBO. Check your local listings for the correct time. Ms. Witt had a near nude scene in Four Rooms (1995). Astute readers will remember the scene where Ms. Witt had a scene with unexplained black tape in an "X" pattern over her nipples.
Follow up 3.17.00: We've been ripped off! Apparently, much of Alicia's nudity must have ended up on the cutting room floor, because you could barely see anything. In Mafia speak: fugedaboutit - her "nude" scene in Four Rooms was better.

I noticed on the cable TV schedule that Peta Wilson (TV's La Femme Nikita) will be in Mercy on Friday, February 11 on HBO. Check your local listings for the correct time.
I talked with someone last year who knew about this film and he said that Ms. Wilson has a lot of great nude scenes in it. He said that the director of the film is Ms. Wilson's boyfriend. Hopefully they didn't cut too much out!


If you missed it on cable TV, you can buy it on videotape and DVD now:

Click here to buy Mercy (2000) on DVD

Disregard the previous news item I wrote a couple of months ago regarding Winona Ryder having nude scenes in Girl, Interrupted.
I received conflicting reports from several readers regarding Ms. Ryder's actual nudity in the film. This evening I spent $8.50 and 2 and 1/2 hours of my life to verify the fact that Winona Ryder DOES NOT HAVE ANY NUDE SCENES IN GIRL, INTERRUPTED. There is one scene about 1 hour and 15 minutes into the film, when she is in a wet, white gown while in a bathtub, but it is about as revealing as her silhouetted nightgown shot in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Interestingly, several readers thought that Ms. Ryder mentioned her "nude scenes" for marketing purposes to increase box office revenue. That thought occured to me also.
So please, save your money and your time and pass on seeing Girl, Interrupted in the theaters. Then pray with me that they stick the deleted nude scenes on the DVD version.
Follow up 2.2.02: I reviewed the DVD version and there does not appear to be any new scenes with nudity added, so you can save your money!

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