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Playboy magazine February 2002

Reader Chuck reminds me that Michelle Pfeiffer's sister, Dedee Pfeiffer, will have a pictorial in the February 2002 issue of Playboy magazine. Bare Facts readers have probably already seen Dedee's boo-boobs and bu-buns in 3 different videotapes (which are probably available at your local videostore). Unfortunately, her nude scenes only rate from 1 to 2 stars, so hopefully the Playboy layout will give us some great 3 star shots!
Follow up 1.2.02: Reader Mark writes: "I just got my February Playboy, and the Dedee Pfeiffer pictorial is, well, WOW!! It's great. It's a 10 page pictorial. There are 8 pics that include lower frontal nudity, and one from a rear angle that is, well, somewhat exposing. Now, if only her big sister would show it all!!"
Follow up 1.7.02: InfoBeat reports that Michelle Pfeiffer loves her sister's Playboy pictures. Click here to read the article.


Reader Curtis alerts us to the fact that Julia Roberts may be doing a nude scene in an upcoming movie. Read about it on Ananova. Director Steven Soderbergh is going to shoot a sequel to his 1989 film, sex, lies and videotape and Roberts is reported to be doing a nude scene in it. I'm guessing this is someone's speculation and that Roberts will not be doing any nudity. Did you ever see sex, lies and videotape? With a suggestive title like that, you would expect to see some skin somewhere, but there was nothing! Zilch. Nada. Unfortunately, I think this is going to turn out to be a rumor. It may turn out that I'm wrong (which would be good for us), but that's my guess.


Sharp-eyed reader Michael notes that the previously hard-to-find videotape, Famous T and A is available now from Movies Unlimited. Famous T and A was done in 1982 and has lots of great celebrity nude scene clips from other films. Some of the actresses included are: Phyllis Davis, Ornella Muti, Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Jennings, Elvira, Jacqueline Bisset, Uschi Digard, Barbara Leigh, Joan Prather, Angela Aames, Laura Gemser, Vanity, Pamela Collins, Victoria Thompson and Laurie Walters. Click below to order it from Movies Unlimited on videotape in VHS format.

Famous T and A

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Hopefully, you have had the pleasure of viewing Halle Berry's magnificent breasts in Swordfish. If not, get up from your computer right now. Yes now. Run, do not walk, to your local video store and rent it. On the DVD, fast forward to the 37 minute mark. Yowza! It's a short but sweet nude scene. Don't miss her bra and panties scene at the 46 minute mark. What a body!
According to an article I read in Entertainment Weekly, Halle has a 3 and 1/2 minute love scene with Billy Bob Thornton in the upcoming Monster's Ball.
Kip saw Monster's Ball today, this is what he has to report: "Halle showed her breasts and butt in a rather long scene that had a lot of quick cuts--as had been previously rumored her full frontal scenes had been cut. Hopefully they will show up on the DVD."

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Pamela Anderson has won a lawsuit to prevent Internet Entertainment Group from releasing a homemade videotape of her having sex with Bret Michaels, lead singer of the rock group Poison. Anderson had previously sued IEG to get some of the profits from the homemade videotape of her having sex with Tommy Lee, drummer in the rock group Motley Crue.

5.28.01 - GOOD THINGS

Good things come to those who wait. Way back in 4.22.96 on this very web site in the Soapbox section I wrote the following about my hopes for Halle Berry:

"Any guesses on who the next big celebrity to do her first nude scene might be? I read somewhere that Halle Berry promised her (now ex-) husband that she wouldn't do a nude scene. Now that she's getting divorced, hopefully she'll change her mind about nudity also!"

Several readers have written in to say Ms. Berry has a nude scene in her newest film, Swordfish. In the movie, Halle is sunbathing and the character played by Hugh Jackman walks in on her. We get to see her breasts. Reportedly, she was paid an additional $500,000 just for doing that nude scene. That's $250,000 per breast! Let's all support Halle's breasts by making sure we see the movie or rent/buy the videotape when it comes out! We want to make sure the producers of Swordfish know that it was half a million dollars well spent and they should be rewarded.
Follow up 12.30.01: Reader John reports that Fox News interviewed Halle Berry and she claims it is not true that she received an extra $500,000 for doing the nude scene.


Belinda Carlisle, lead singer for the group, The Go-Go's has reportedly shot a layout for the August issue of Playboy magazine.


Apparently, an old boyfriend of singer/actress Jennifer Lopez videotaped himself during a love making session with her many years ago. Now the ex-boyfriend has sold the videotape to Interscope Records head honcho, Suge Knight. Knight will probably soon be selling a videotape and/or DVD in the tradition of the Pamela Anderson and Tonya Harding videos.
Follow up 6.7.01: Reader Ed reports that there is no Jennifer Lopez sex video. When she heard the rumor that Suge Knight had such a video, she filed a lawsuit against him. At that point, he admitted he had no such video.


Sometimes you may find yourself at the local video store, staring at the box cover of some videotape or DVD and thinking to yourself, "Christina Applegate plays a stripper in this video called Kiss of Fire. I wonder if she has a nude scene in it?" Learning where the are no nude scenes is just as important as knowing where the nude scenes are. So with that thought in mind, here are some videos that you don't have to waste your money or time on renting:

Andy writes: "Just thought you'd want to pass this along to your readers: I recently purchased the Quality Video version of The Harrad Experiment. I bought it new from a drug store so it's probably currently for sale new elsewhere as well. There were two flaws in the film, neither of which were mentioned on the box: it's in SLP mode, and all the nudity has been removed from the film. So if you want to buy or rent a copy of this tape, make sure it's not the Quality Video version, especially if you're getting it for the nudity."

Thanks Andy!

As for Christina Applegate, John writes: "If she can play a stripper (Kiss of Fire) and never get nude, or even topless, I don't think she will ever do a role that requires real nudity."

Blake writes: "Kiss of Fire's video box cover would leave you to believe that Christina Applegate may take her clothes off. There are only two scenes in the strip club and she takes nothing off! I saw more of her skin on Married with Children. Her sex scene in the movie was only about 15 seconds long and she was fully clothed."

Thanks guys!

If you're as much in lust with Dark Angel's luscious-lipped Jessica Alba as I am, you are hoping that she has already done a nude scene. I haven't found anything yet, so for sure you can pass on renting Paranoid at your local video store because she definitely has no nudity in it.

Katie Holmes has several nude scenes in The Gift. Here are what some readers have to say about it:

Alan writes: "The lovely Katie Holmes, of Dawson's Creek television fame, has followed in the footsteps of fellow cast mate the-equally-lovely Michelle Williams, and thrown caution to the wind to do her first-ever topless scene, in Sam Raimi's new thriller The Gift. The scene is brief, but the stills will look great in Celebrity Sleuth. I figured Katie, that fresh-scrubbed Ohio girl, for someone who'd never do a nude scene, or at least not until she was over the hill. Surprise, surprise! Too bad her character in this is kind of bitchy."

J.K. writes: "I just thought I would let you know that Katie Holmes has a brief nude scene in her newest movie The Gift. It occurs toward the end of the movie and it shows a couple of decent shots of her breasts. They are spectacular as I have earlier imagined."

Ritchie writes: "Katie Holmes of Dawson's Creek fame has a 3 dot topless scene in the movie The Gift."

T.I. writes: "In The Gift, Katie Holmes plays a slutty character and has a brief topless scene near the end of the film that is quite impressive. She also has some split second breasts as a corpse earlier in the film."

Frank writes: "You might want to mention a very nice but pretty brief topless scene with Katie Holmes in The Gift. Definitely her. And, a good movie besides that."

Thanks guys!

The Gift

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Academy Award nominee, Laura Linney, has her first nude scene and it's excellent! The film is called Maze and it is airing on the Starz channel this month! It is directed by and stars Rob Morrow. Morrow plays an artist with Tourette's Syndrome and Linney plays a women who models for him. Laura's nude scene occurs 32 minutes into the film.

Good news! If you missed it on cable TV, you can buy it on videotape and DVD now:

Click here to pre-order Maze on DVD


You might be wondering which 2000 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-1998 Edition.

Best Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Best Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

2.4.01 - VCR ALERT
Showtime is starting a new series with lots of nudity called Lady Chatterly's Stories. They air on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings.

Cinemax is airing new episodes of Passion Cove. They air on Friday nights/Saturday mornings.

1.23.01 - VCR RED ALERT
Showtime will air House of God (1978), with a potential nude scene by Bess Armstrong. It will be shown on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, January 25th at 4:05am Eastern/Pacific time. House of God is not available on videotape and has not been shown on cable television for many years.
Follow up 2.4.01: I reviewed The House of God and there is a great nude scene by Bess Armstrong. She takes off her doctor smock in an autopsy room. You get to see her breasts while she wears panties. I'd rate it a 3 star nude scene. It occurs 1 hour and 1 minute into the film. I only wish the scene was a little longer. A reader, Mike, called Showtime and they told him The House of God will be shown on Flix on March 2 at 3:30 am.
Follow up 2.12.01: Clyde gets Flix and he says that he recently watched their airing of Eureka with Theresa Russell, and all the nude shots seemed to be in it, including the one with her in bed showing breasts and pubic area.
Follow up 3.5.01: Mike gets Flix and he happily reports that they left the nude scene intact. Thanks Mike!
Follow up 3.6.01: Harry informs us that Flix will be showing House of God again on March 11, 26 and 29.

1.22.01 - VCR ALERT


I just reviewed A Girl Thing - Part 1 that was recently shown on Showtime. I'm happy to report that Kate Capshaw has a very brief buns scene and a partial right breast shot about 32 minutes in during a love scene with Elle Macpherson. (Readers have told me that there is a brief breast shot of Kate in Dreamscape while kissing Dennis Quaid during the train love scene, but I reviewed it a long time ago and couldn't see anything.) Elle also displays her breasts during the love scene with Kate, but all you Bare Facts devotees already know the other film that Elle has a great nude scene in.

Kate Capshaw & Elle Macpherson

Good news! If you missed it on cable TV, you can buy it on videotape and DVD now:

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