Nude News From 2002


Jennifer Connelly has a brief nude scene in Waking the Dead. If you buy or rent the DVD it is easy to miss her longer, excellent nude scene in the Deleted Scenes section. Here's how so see it:

1. Go to the DVD menu and use the arrow keys on your DVD player/remote control to move down to Special Features, then press Enter. The star will turn blue and take you to the Special Features screen.

2. Move down to Deleted Scenes and press Enter. The star will turn blue again.

3. Here's the tricky part: Move down to Return to Previous Menu, but don't press the Enter button.

4. Move to the right. The right pointing arrow on the screen will turn blue by itself.

5. Move down to "I Want to Have a Child," then press Enter. The star will turn blue and the clip will begin playing.

6. Wait for about 2 minutes and 20 seconds (or fast forward if you want) and you'll be treated to a much longer nude scene by the lovely Jennifer Connelly. Here's a sample:

Waking the Dead

Click here to buy Waking the Dead on DVD

12.15.02 - LIU IN GQ

Lucy Liu has some provocative photos in the German edition of GQ magazine (January 2003). There are a few photos on GQ Germany's website, but there are more in the actual magazine if you are lucky enough to buy a copy.

German GQ

11.28.02 - TOOTING MY HORN

The Globe and Mail

There was a nice article in Canada's The Globe and Mail newspaper and website on November 15th. Johanna Schneller wrote a fun story about Salma Hayek in Frida. The guys she was talking to about Frida started talking about nudity and mentioned The Bare Facts. Johanna called me up and interviewed me. Thanks Johanna!

Guy Links

The Bare Facts was also mentioned on the GuyLinks as the Site of the Moment. Thanks GuyLinks!

10.24.02 - GOOD NEWS

Rob sends us a link to a Salma Hayek fan website that contains a transcript of an interview she did on Entertainment Tonight where she talks about nudity in her new film Frida.

Bob sends us a link to an interview with Salma on MSN where she mentions her kissing scene with Ashley Judd in Frida.

Mike sends us a link to (scroll down to "coming next month") that has a small photo that gives us a taste of the delicious Tia Carrere's pictorial in the January 2003 issue of Playboy magazine. Mike adds "After their excellent pictorial on Kristy Swanson last month, I highly commend Playboy for bringing us what we want to see." We definitely agree Mike!

Thanks Rob, Bob and Mike!


One of the nice things about DVDs is that some older films that have been out of print for a long time are now being re-released on DVD. Reader Steve writes in with the tip that The Initiation (1984) which contains two great nude scenes by Hunter Tylo is now available on DVD. Get it while you can!

Thanks Steve!

Click here to buy The Initiation on DVD


It looks like the Skin-emax cable television channel is starting another late night series that is of interest to us called Hotel Erotica. In the spirit of Passion Cove and Erotic Confessions, it will bring us more weekly half hours of great excuses for women and men to get naked and have sex. Just our kind of show! Look for it on Friday nights/Saturday mornings on Cinemax.

9.15.02 - VAN WILDER 101

Welcome to class students! Today we will be studying the Unrated Version of National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Please pull out your copy of the DVD. What? You don't have it? Click on the links below to order it.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder (unrated)

Click here to buy National Lampoon's Van Wilder (unrated) on DVD

When you start playing the DVD, you'll no doubt notice a lovely lady wearing a T-shirt, with the DVD menu options on it. If you select an option, she'll take off her T-shirt and put a new one on. Unfortunately, the word "CENSORED" appears, obscuring the great view. To remedy this, make sure you click on the "view menus UN-CENSORED" icon in the lower left corner of the DVD menu. Then you'll be treated to the unobstructed version.

During the actual movie, you'll no doubt remember Desiree, the lovely Topless Tutor, played by Jennifer Leone:

National Lampoon has a fun Van Wilder website that contains a Topless Tutor screensaver (Macintosh and Windows versions) and an online Shockwave game. They are both basically the same.

As a public service, here are the answers to the online Topless Tutor game to help ease your way through it:

National Lampoon's Van Wilder Topless Tutor Game

Your homework is to buy the Hot Body Special: Wild Women at Work DVD or videotape which has a great nude segment by Jennifer Leone. (She uses the name Jesse Capelli in her modeling work.) Jesse's segment has her working as a make up artist where nothing is left to the imagination. You get to see a lot more of her than her brief appearance in Van Wilder. Meow!

Hot Body Special: Wild Women at Work on DVD

Click here to buy Hot Body Special: Wild Women at Work on DVD

Jesse has more nude scenes in other Hot Body videotapes and DVD's -- check out the Hot Body website. Jesse is also seen in Hot Body's Sneaky Preview #58 and Ultimate Thong-a-thon.

Hot Body

Follow up 9.15.02: Reader Leo wrote in with this additional tip: "Just wanted to point out that the topless Menu girl on the DVD is none other than Ivana Bozilovic, according to the Internet Movie Database. If you check, you can learn about hidden features that enable you to see her dance in a number of different wet T-shirts. Ivana plays Naomi in the film and has the nude scene in the dorm room with Taj, when he puts massage oil on her and starts a fire."

9.5.02 - ONE TO SKIP

Reader Mike writes in with this money-saving review: "I just saw the video Crush. No nude scenes with Andie MacDowell. You just see her back while sitting on the bed. Fake sex with her clothes on. What a waste--no titties."

Thanks Mike!


Zalman King has a new series airing on cable TV. It's called and it airs on Showtime Beyond. Unfortunately, my cable system does not carry Showtime Beyond! :-( The first two episodes air on Friday, August 23rd at 11pm and 11:30pm (Eastern/Pacific time). I don't know what's with the website. When you go there, it starts with a Flash introduction, then you are supposed to enter a password. I emailed the website to try and get a password, but received no response. Maybe you are supposed to get the password from the episodes.

Here's what the Showtime website has to say about the first episode: "From Zalman King, the creator of 9 1/2 Weeks and Red Shoe Diaries, comes this Fantasy Island-like series about a luxury vessel sailing the Mediterranean where women can have their every erotic fantasy and secret desire discreetly fulfilled. Shane Brolly, Erica Prior, Summer Altice, Domi Arcangeli, Ian Abercrombie, Annette Culp, Jens Nagel and Dominic Keating star."
Follow up 9.5.02: Stephen writes in with this review: "Don't be too concerned about not having the new Zalman King show available to you due to the lack of Showtime Beyond. I am just through the first episode and it made me dizzy. The program was cut like a 30-minute music video, only faster. I did a quick estimate of the visual cuts and it averaged maybe 1 cut per second all the way through and LOTS of segments do 3 or 4 cuts per second. Of course, since it is really a music video, they give the artist and title of the music in the lower corner of the screen as they play it during the program.

Medium amounts of nudity, but it is way too fast to appreciate anything and none of the females I have seen so far have any personality, just pretty mannequins, and pretty borrrrrrrrrring too."


Reader Mike H. writes in with this bit of good news: "I just received my copy of the October Playboy magazine in the mail. On the 'Next Month' page, Kristy Swanson is listed as a nude pictorial with a shot of her nude from the back."

Thanks Mike!

(Kristy played the first Buffy in the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

8.14.02 - VCR ALERT

A reader writes in with this tip: "Just saw the 1999 film Mascara on cable. This film offers marvelous nude scenes with Ione Skye and Amanda de Cadenet; the kind of nude scenes where they stay still for entire topless conversations.

The movie will be shown again on The Movie Channel on August 30th at 3:30 AM (Thusday night/Friday morning). Fans of these two actresses should be made aware!"

7.21.02 - INTIMACY

Mike writes in with this tip: "I received (from overseas) the DVD of the foreign film, Intimacy (2000), starring Kerry Fox. It is unrated and does show her mouth come up to the gents' penis, and slowly take in to her mouth. Then for about 10 seconds she blows him on screen. It also shows her grabbing his erect rod at close range for 6 seconds. There is alot of close-up nudity. When the movie is released in the United States on video, I wonder if the same daring cuts will remain."

Thanks Mike!

7.19.02 - VCR ALERT

I just noticed that the made-for-cable movie, My Breast (1994), with a nude scene by Meredith Baxter aired this afternoon on The Lifetime Movie Network (don't confuse this with the regular Lifetime cable TV channel). Fortunately, it will air again tomorrow morning (Friday night/Saturday morning) at 3:00am on The Lifetime Movie Network. Meredith's left breast is seen during a breast cancer examination about 19 minutes (including commercials) into the movie.


Bill writes in with this tip to keep in mind when you visit you local videostore this week: "Please give your readers a heads up if they're fans of Dominique Swain. New Best Friend came out yesterday on video and DVD, and Swain has not one, but two definite nude scenes where you clearly see her breasts, and a lot of other lesbian lip locking as well with Mia Kirshner.

Oh - and it's not a bad movie either... :)"

Thanks Bill!

New Best Friend (2002) DVD

Click here to buy New Best Friend on DVD

7.16.02 - SCHWING!

Phillip wrote in with this last month (I'm sorry it took so long for me to post): "I saw on June 19th's Entertainment Tonight during a piece on celebrity weight-loss, that one plan was used by Tia Carrere to 'get in shape for her upcoming Playboy shoot.' Feel free to imitate Wayne saying 'Excellent!'."

Party on Phillip!

7.15.02 - VCR ALERT

Rick writes in with this up-to-the-moment tip: "I just saw the excellent made-for-TV (TNT) film Door to Door and write you to tell you of Kyra Sedgwick's (or that of her body double) left breast scene: She's getting into the shower while William H. Macy's character is watching from outside the bathroom door. The strategically placed left arm prevents the nipple from being seen."

Thanks Rick!

It's airing on TNT at:

July 15 at 12:00am
July 17 at 9:00pm
July 20 at 12:30pm

Bare Facts readers know that Kyra's best and only nude scene is available on videotape on Pyrates. It was done way back in 1991. Unfortunately, it's a hard to find videotape and it has not been released on DVD yet. Kyra acted with her husband, Kevin Bacon, in Pyrates.

7.14.02 - VCR ALERT

I previously gave a VCR alert to record Chastity (1969) which features "nude scenes" by a young Cher on Showtime. I though it was Cher, but upon closer inspection, I'm positive it is a body double. Here's my reasoning: In the first nude scene at 27 minutes into the film, you see Cher in the bathtub, then you see her grab a towel. Then you see someone's brief buns and left breast, while wrapping a towel around herself as she leaves the bathroom.

The most important thing is to note Cher's rings. When she's sitting in the bathtub, there is a ring on her right pinkie finger and a ring on her left middle finger. The ring is there when she grabs the towel with her right hand. The other ring on her left hand is not there when the body double wraps the towel around herself. I should have known it was a body double immediately because the first rule of body doubles is that you don't see the face together with the body, which was true in this case.

In the second nude scene at 1 hour and 12 minutes into the film, you see Cher undressing in a bedroom. You see brief breasts, but since it's dark, you can't see her face. Again, note the missing ring on her left middle finger. Therefore a body double was most probably used again. At least the body double was taking off the same clothes that Cher was wearing in the previous scene!


Thanks to Zach Meston for reviewing The Bare Facts Video Guide in the June issue of PSE2 magazine. It's a magazine for Sony PlayStation devotees. I added a web page to this website listing mentions of The Bare Facts Video Guide on the web. Click on the left on Mentions on The Web. Let me know if I've missed any. Thanks!

6.16.02 - VCR ALERT

Cubfan writes in with this possible sighting: "This may not pan out into anything, but I thought that your readers should know that the recent Broadway production of the comedy The Women will air at 9pm (ET) June 18 on PBS. Why this is important is that Jennifer Tilly had a nude scene during the production when she rises from a bathtub stark naked save for a few bubbles, which from reviews I have read, had a life of their own in the first place, if you know what I mean. Whether this scene remains in the presentation remains to be seen, but the answer likely is yes since it's a pivotal scene in the play (along with the excellent come-back line by co-star Kristen Johnston), and PBS has a 30-year reputation of not shying away from nudity in dramatic programming. Besides, everything else is a rerun anyway. So tune in for a new chance to see Ms. Tilly in all her glory, along with many other actresses, including Johnston and Cynthia Nixon running around in lingerie."
Follow up 6.18.02: Mike writes in with this short-and-to-the-point review: "I just finished watching The Women. What a waste. No nude Tilly."


Back in March, singer Björk released a music video for her song "Cocoon." MTV couldn't play it. I'm not a big Björk fan, but you might want to check it out because it starts with a few shots of her naked. Then it gets a bit weird with red ribbon-like things coming out of her nipples. If you saw Björk wearing the swan dress at the 2001 Academy Awards, you shouldn't be too surprised at the oddness of this music video. Click on the icon above to view the music video (QuickTime 5 required). Click here for more information about the music video.

The director of the music video is Eiko Ishioka. Eiko was the Academy Award winning costume designer for Bram Stoker's Dracula. Eiko was also the costume designer on The Cell (for which she was not even nominated for an Academy Award). I really think The Cell should have won that year. Do you know what movie won Best Costume Design instead? Gladiator. I remember many of the creative outfits from The Cell. Can you remember any costumes from Gladiator other than lots of gladiator and toga-style outfits? The Cell probably did not get nominated because it had such dark subject matter.

6.11.02 - VCR ALERT

Cubfan writes in with this great tip: "In 1999 Marina Sirtis made an adventure film called Paradise Lost that involves the Amazon jungle and some funky creatures and such. The important thing is that she is wearing tight tank tops throughout most of the film and has a brief but nice topless scene about an hour or so into the film."

Thanks Cubfan!

It's airing on Showtime Beyond East this month.

June 15 at 11:10am
June 15 at 5:55pm
June 21 at 10:30am
June 21 at 1:15pm
June 25 at 8:50am

Check your local listings for the correct time. If you search for this film in other places, make sure you don't confuse it with the documentary film Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996).

6.9.02 - VCR ALERT

For those who missed the last VCR alert about Catherine Bell's nude scene in Hot Line: The Brunch Club, you have another chance. It will air on the MoreMAX cable TV channel:

June 11 at 8:30pm/11:30pm
June 24 at 8:15pm/11:15pm

Check your local listings for the correct time.


Back in April, I went to Los Angeles to attend Playboy's party when they announced their Playmate of the Year videotape featuring Dalene Kurtis. I talked with Deanna Brooks, Kira Reed and Traci Bingham. I saw Stacey Sanches, Ava Fabian and Cathy St. George. It was a lot of fun. It took place at a local Los Angeles nightclub, not The Mansion.

Click here for a photo of Traci Bingham

Click here for a photo of Hugh Hefner surrounded by many lovelies

Playboy Video Centerfold: 2002 Playmate Of The Year

Click here to buy Playboy Video Centerfold: 2002 Playmate Of The Year on DVD


Mr. Lee writes in with this word of warning for all of us: "There's a highly edited videotape of French Quarter (1978) which has all the nude scenes cut out. It's distributed by Monarch Home Video and the box lists the running time as 101 minutes when it's really only 76 minutes. And it still has an R-rating!

The French Quarter videotape distributed by VCI Home Video runs the entire 101 minutes and has all the nude scenes that are listed The Bare Facts Video Guide intact."

Thanks Mr. Lee!


HBO is starting a new series called The Wire. It airs on Sunday nights and starts tomorrow. Sonja Sohn, one of the few actresses in the main cast, plays Narcotics Detective Shakima Greggs. Fortunately, Sonja has a nude scene in the film Slam (1998) which is available on videotape and DVD. Sonja's nude scene occurs 1 hour and 14 minutes into the film. You see her breasts while she's making love in bed with Ray. Sonja also co-wrote the screenplay for Slam. Beauty and brains -- a great combination!

Slam (1998) DVD

Click here to buy Slam on DVD


Regular readers of this website know I recommended you watch the DVD version of Swamp Thing because the curvaceous Adrienne Barbeau has a longer nude scene on it than the old video tape version. Unfortunately, a mother in Texas rented Swamp Thing for her children (it's sill rated PG) from Blockbuster without consulting her copy of The Bare Facts Video Guide or The Bare Facts Website. She started the DVD, left two young boys in front of the television and returned only when she heard the boys cheering and clapping (just kidding). She was upset with how large and perfect Ms. Barbeau's breasts were (just kidding) and complained to the local Blockbuster. They in turn notified the distributor, MGM, who acknowledged that they had accidentally released the more explicit European version on DVD. A recall notice has been sent out (not kidding) so it will be much more difficult to buy a Swamp Thing DVD for yourself now.

Thanks to Steve Bailey, the Webmaster at The Adrienne Barbeau Link Factory for alerting us to this scandal. Go to his great website or click here to go directly to his page with links to other websites with stories about this incident.

Apparently, the Swamp Thing DVD has been pulled off shelves very quickly. You may be able to find a copy for sale at a local video store, but I doubt it. I have tried a local Best Buy, Wherehouse, Tower Video, Target and Fry's Electronics and could not find it. It has already been taken off of Movies Unlimited's catalog listing too.

I don't know about you, but I find this whole Swamp Thing scandal a bit disturbing. First, if the mother is really against allowing her 9 year old son see something as "bad" as breasts, she should really have a copy of The Bare Facts Video Guide to help her pick "safe" flicks. Let's not forget that the normal PG videotape version of Swamp Thing has always contained a brief topless scene by Adrienne Barbeau. As I've said before, there are plenty of other PG films available that contain nudity. Two that come to mind are Sheena and The Beastmaster, both with Tanya Roberts. Also, the Swamp Thing DVD has been out for almost 2 years now and this one person is the first to find it objectionable enough to complain about it.

Follow up 6.8.02: Mauvaise from Sweden writes in with further proof that we are living in the wrong country: "Just thought I would offer an outsider's (read: non-American's) view of your little story on Swamp Thing being pulled after a mother of two complained. What is more disturbing to me is that this mother apparently didn't mind letting her two kids being exposed to the violence in that movie, but a couple of bare breasts makes her raise hell. Here in Sweden we have always had the opposite view on this, we try to protect our kids from being exposed to too much violence. As far as breasts are concerned, kids can go out to the nearest beach and see some, so what's the big deal?"


As you may know, Francis Ford Coppola has released a new version of his 1979 film, Apocalypse Now, titled Apocalypse Now Redux. Michael W. writes in with this Bare Facts tip: "The re-done version has extended footage of playmates Cyndi Wood and Linda Carpenter."

Thanks Michael!

It has aired on Showtime a couple of times in May and will air again on May 31/June 1 at midnight Eastern/Pacific (Friday night/Saturday morning). It's also available on videotape and DVD.
Follow up 5.29.02: Harry writes in with this further tip: "The Nude news item on Apocalypse Now Redux, reminded me that one other actress appears nude in the new version of the film: Aurore Clément. All the scenes involving this French actress were cut from the 1979 release, but the latest version has her topless scene with Martin Sheen restored. Aurore looks very attractive, but the lighting is dark, and some bed curtains partly blur the view. Aurore also has a topless scene in the 1991 French made-for-TV movie Les Démoniaques. She still looks great."

Thanks Harry!
Follow up 9.5.02: Matt writes in with this further tip: "You forgot to mention that Colleen Camp also has some extended nudity with "Chef" (Frederick Forrest) on the helicopter. Nice."

Apocalypse Now Redux DVD

Click here to buy Apocalypse Now Redux on DVD


Chris writes in with his review: "I've seen the movie Unfaithful this afternoon. All in all the movie itself was okay. At the beginning, Diane Lane shows plenty of leg and does a brief romp with Richard Gere in bed with no nudity. She also is in a scene where she has her panties pulled off in a fling with the other co-star. The first topless scene of Diane occurs about 45 minutes into the movie. Diane is taking a bath and there are a few good shots of her breasts. When she gets out of the bath, there is a nice shot of her buttocks as she is putting her robe on.

She eventually does a few more flings and shows some more skin. All in all, a very good showing by a mainstream actress. It is worth the price of admission."

Thanks Chris!

Unfaithful Widescreen DVD

Click here to buy Unfaithful (Widescreen) on DVD

Click here to buy Unfaithful (Full Screen) on DVD


VCR alert! In the tradition of such late night Cable TV fare such as Passion Cove and The Pleasure Zone, Cinemax is airing a new series titled, The Best Sex Ever. It airs on Friday nights/Saturday mornings.


VCR alert! Next week, on May 7th (Monday night/Tuesday morning) at 12:45am (Eastern/Pacific), Cinemax will air the episode of Hot Line titled The Brunch Club that has one of Catherine Bell's nude scenes. Don't miss it!

I met Catherine Bell in 2000. She was very nice and had a great sense of humor about her nude scenes. She didn't mind at all that she was listed in the book. Her husband was also there and he didn't mind either. The only one that had some concern was her manager.

I've blurred out the title of the book in the photo below for legal reasons: Ms. Bell is not endorsing The Bare Facts Video Guide in any way. Lately, when I've met celebrities, I try to get a photograph of them holding my book. I could have posed next to Ms. Bell instead, but it's tough to get good photographs by handing your camera to a stranger. When the celebrity holds the book, it's proof that I've met them, I can take the picture and I don't have to have my ugly mug in the shot! :-)


Cubfan writes in with this tip to look forward to: "Apparently Diane Lane gets very naked in some hot love scenes for the upcoming thriller Unfaithful. Don't know the exact extent of the nudity, but a friend who has followed Lane's career said it was extensive - and impressive."

Rob writes in with a link to an article where Ms. Lane discusses her nude scenes in Unfaithful. Click here to read it.

I met Diane Lane back in 1993 (before I started asking the actors and actresses to pose with the book). She was not aware of the book when I told her about it. She was very nice and pleasant also.

Diane Lane

4.23.02 - CABLE TV ALERT

Chuck writes in with these great tips: Set your VCRs to record Mute Love on The Sundance Channel. It features a full frontal nude scene by Nicole Ari Parker. Nicole plays Teri the lawyer on Showtime's Soul Food series. Mute Love is a short film (60 minutes) and features a full frontal shot of her at the end of the film. The air dates are as follows:

Chuck also reminds me to remind you to check out the DVD release of Swamp Thing (1982). They have replaced Adrienne Barbeau's brief topless scene with the longer, European version. Trust me, it's much, much better. The DVD contains both the widescreen and standard versions. The nudity is the same in both.

3.28.02 - CABLE TV ALERT

Set your VCRs to record The Pornographer on HBO tonight. It airs tonight/Friday morning, March 29 at 2:15am Eastern/Pacific time. According to a Bare Facts reader, Melora Hardin has a nude scene in it. The problem is, Melora is in the 1994 version of The Pornographer. There is a 1999 version with the same title that stars Craig Wasson and Monique Parent. When The Pornographer aired earlier this month on HBO, the description made it appear they were going to air the 1994 version, but they ran the 1999 version. Let's hope they run the 1994 version tonight!
Follow up 3.30.02: Bummer! Unfortunately, the listings were incorrect--the 1999 version was the one that aired. Oh well, let's keep our eyes open for the 1994 version with Melora Hardin.

3.26.02 - CABLE TV ALERT

Set your VCRs to record Victoria's Swimsuit Secrets on the E! channel. It airs Saturday, March 30 at 10pm Eastern/Pacific time. According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, it features supermodels Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima in a behind-the-scenes special. If you miss it, it will be rebroadcast on (times are Eastern/Pacific):

3.25.02 - 2001 ACADEMY AWARDS

You might be wondering which 2001 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-2001 Edition Book or CD-ROM. Doesn't look too bad, the same as last year, only 3 people are non-nude hold-outs. The only problem is last year, it was 2 males and 1 female who held-out and this year it's 1 male and 2 female hold-outs!

Best Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene

Best Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actress

Have done a nude scene:

Best Supporting Actor

Have done a nude scene:

Erich writes in with two other bits of Academy Award trivia for this year:

Dody Dorn was nominated for best Film Editing with Momento. Unfortunately, she lost to Pietro Scalia with Black Hawk Down. Prior to being an Editor, Ms. Dorn worked her way up in the film business as a Production Assistant, Assistant Film Editor, Sound Editor and Producer. Of note for Bare Facts readers, she started in the film business as an actress. She has a full frontal nude scene in the 1976 comedy, Tunnelvision, which was recently released on DVD.

Click here to buy Tunnelvision on DVD

Lisa Blount was nominated for best Short Film (Live Action) with The Accountant, which she won! Her most memorable film as an actress is probably as Debra Winger's friend in the 1982 film, An Officer and a Gentleman. Bare Facts readers know of course, that Ms. Blount has a brief breast scene in the 1981 film, Dead and Buried.

Click here to buy Dead and Buried on VHS


Speaking of NYPD Blue, you may have noticed that Charlotte Ross hasn't done her requisite "nude" scene on the show yet. She recently posed for two sexy PETA posters. Click here to check them out. Acutally, Charlotte never did any nudity in Showtime's Beggars and Choosers either, which is very disappointing. About the closest she comes to doing any real nudity is in Kidnapped in Paradise (1998) where she briefly shows her buns in a two piece swimsuit about 20 minutes in.

Click here to buy Kidnapped in Paradise on VHS


There are two new cable television shows you should check out. First, on Showtime, Luke Perry stars in a show called Jeremiah. It takes place in the near future after all the people past puberty have died due to a virus 15 years ago. The children who survived are growing up and living in a world without adults. The first two episodes have included female nudity.

The other new cable television show is on The FX Channel, it is called The Shield and stars Michael Chiklis. It's a police drama similar to NYPD Blue, but kicked up a notch: Intense scenes, great music and more nudity. The Shield airs on Tuesday evenings. They repeat the previous week's episode at 9pm Eastern/Pacific time and the new episode airs at 10pm Eastern/Pacific. In the pilot episode last week, at the beginning of the show, there was a dead woman lying on the kitchen floor where you briefly see her breasts. At the end of the episode, there was a girl in a drug dealer's apartment where you get to see her buns and a very brief side view of her left breast. It looked like both actresses had a prosthetic patch covering their nipples, because although the entire breast was visible (unlike NYPD Blue), I couldn't really see their nipples where their nipples should be. Did anybody else notice this?


Unfortunately, Andie MacDowell does not have a nude scene in Harrison's Flowers, but according to an interview, she has a partial nude scene in the upcoming Crush. Let's hope it's a good partial nude scene. Click here to read the interview. It seems that Andie, like Halle Berry, didn't do nudity because of her first husband. Andie now has a new husband and he is more easygoing, so she's beginning to accept more adventurous roles. Let's have a round of applause for her new husband!


There has been a rumor going around the net that claims Jennifer Love Hewitt will have a pictorial in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. To make it sound legitimate, the story states that she was paid more than any other celebrity to appear in the magazine. One of my Playboy contacts says unfortunately, the rumor is false. Sorry to burst your bubble guys!


Andrea Thompson, formerly an actress on the television show NYPD Blue, is leaving her position as a news anchor on CNN's Headline News. Click here to read a more in depth article.


Former Olympic Skater and home video star Tonya Harding will be seen in a boxing match against presidential scandal queen Paula Jones. The match will air on Fox on Wednesday, March 13 at 9pm Eastern/Pacific time. Read the CNN story by clicking here.


Playboy's April 2002 issue with Tiffany's pictorial is out on the newsstands now. Make sure you get your copy. In the back of the magazine, in next months' issue, we'll get to see a pictorial by Kiana Tom, the workout woman from televisions' Kiana's Flex Appeal show. Another pictorial wil feature 4 ladies from MTV's Real World and Road Rules featuring Veronica, Jisela, Flora and Beth.


William writes in with a link to Latino Review website. A guy there saw a rough cut of Salma Hayek's film that I mentioned before, Frida. The reviewer says there are three times when Salma gets naked, with the last being the best. Click here to read the review.


Rick writes in to give us a link to an interview Leelee Sobieski did for Venice magazine. She has a sex scene in her new film, L'Idole. The film was done in France (Love those Europeans!) Leelee said she "had lots of sex scenes" in the film. She thinks "the scenes went really well" and they are "going to be very, very good ones." Mmmmm. So do we! Read it here. Leelee talks about doing the sex scenes near the end of the article.

Anyone else think that Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt should play sisters in a film? I think Helen Hunt has some of the most beautiful breasts in Hollywood (along with Halle Berry). If you don't believe me, make sure you watch The Waterdance.

Click here to buy The Waterdance on DVD

2.26.02 - 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS

Jonathan writes in with this comment about the new film, 40 Days and 40 Nights: "I saw a screening of 40 Days and 40 Nights. You'll love this one. Plenty o' beautiful boobs. And finally a luscious, more-than-a-flash, gorgeous butt shot."

Bob writes in with more specific nudes: "Just thought you should know that Shannyn Sossamon, who made her film debut as Lady Jocelyn in A Knight's Tale has a bit of a topless scene in 40 Days and 40 Nights. In a love scene between her character & Josh Hartnett's character, there are a couple of shots where her nipples can be seen barely hidden by some flower petals. Also of note in this movie are a couple of nude scenes by Monet Mazur and a few other starlets and assorted extras in a hallucination sequence where Hartnett's character sees naked & half-naked women all over San Francisco."

Thanks guys!

Click here to buy 40 Days and 40 Nights on DVD


Duane writes in with a question: "Actress Lisa Edelstein looks familiar. Didn't she do one of those early-career nude scenes in a Private Resort-type juvenile hormones movie but under a different name?"

Duane, I know who you are thinking about -- and you are correct with the film title: Private Resort (1985). You are thinking of actress Hilary Shepard, recently seen as Divatox on The Power Rangers television shows. Comparing the Internet Database photos for Lisa Edelstein (below left) to Hilary Shepard (below right), we see that even though they do indeed resemble each other, they are really two different ladies. Lisa Edelstein has not done any nudity yet. Hilary Shepard, of course, has a great nude scene in the previously mentioned Private Resort. Bonus trivia points for those of you who remember the name of the god she was worshipping with Rob Morrow in the film!
Follow up 2.28.02: Cinemax will air Private Resort several times in March. Check your local times. Eastern/Pacific are: March 5 at 9:35am, March 17 (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning) at 2am and March 28 at 5pm.

Photo by Steve Granitz - ©2001 - WireImage.comPhoto by Steve Granitz - ©

Lisa EdelsteinHilary Shepard

2.20.02 - SALMA HAYEK

Hari writes in with the good news that Salma Hayek may be doing some nudity in the biographical film she is currently working on about Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican painter. Read about it here.


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine

Sports Illustrated is posting the cover and photos of the swimsuit issue on their website today. Click here to visit.

SI Swimsuit 3D

Razor 3D is a company that sells 3D glasses and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit CD-ROM with 2D and 3D photos and video on it. Click here to check it out.


Okay class, today's lesson will be about Letterbox versus Pan & Scan with a bit of TV Safe thrown in for good measure.

Here we see the DVD release of The Prime Gig, with a nude scene by Julia Ormond. The DVD conveniently contains both the letterbox and the pan & scan versions. In the DVD's letterbox version on the left, we can clearly see Julia's left breast. Unfortunately, those people viewing the DVD or videotape pan & scan version will completely miss the key plot point of Ms. Ormond's left breast.

Lest you think that the letterbox version is always more revealing, here's an example to help confuse you. These clips are from the recently mentioned Stardom, with a nude scene by Jessica Paré. In the DVD letterbox version (below left), you get to see her breasts, but notice the videotape version on the right. It is not really pan & scan, but rather a version with the black bars removed. You get to see a bit further south. This version is used when the director shoots the film in Super 35. (Example: James Cameron did this in Terminator 2 and Wolfgang Peterson did this in Air Force One.)

To add to the confusion, notice the red rectangle that I drew inside the image on the right. The inside of the red rectangle is roughly the area that I can see when viewing the videotape on my Sony television. This is called the TV Safe area. All televisions are set to overscan so that the edges of the screen cannot be seen. Different manufacturers have different ideas on how much of the top, bottom or sides should be kept. Computer monitors underscan so that the entire screen is displayed. The entire image can be seen when you use your computer to get a screen capture. I do not know if the new LCD televisions that are now starting to get popular are set to overscan or not. If someone is lucky enough to have one of those, could they please let us know? Thanks.

The Bare Facts will keep you posted whenever important differences between the formats are found.

Here are some links to websites that have more detailed explanations about Letterbox vs. Pan & Scan:

Follow up 8.17.02: Reader Chris emailed some information about LCD displays:

"Yes, LCD displays do have overscan. Any NTSC display device has overscan, because it's necessary to hide the vertical and horizontal blanking intervals, which are an integral part of the television transmission. These areas of the picture are very distracting when they are visible.

Matter of fact, the blanking interval areas are even further out of the frame than you can see with a capture card on a PC. So most TVs do have the overscan set to excess, but again there is a reason for that -- videotape. VCRs tend to introduce their own image distortions at the top and bottom of the video frame, so overscan is set to block that out.

Hope you found this information of interest."

Yes we did Chris! Thank you very much.


You can find so much information on the World Wide Web! It's a stalker's paradise. :-)

I was watching this week's The Chris Isaak Show on Showtime. The episode is titled "Family Ties." Mona was showing her usual bit of beautiful buns on the rotating platform, Yola is still holding out and not doing any nudity for us. (What a pity!) Chris Isaak has a new girlfriend in this episode. Her character name is "Olivia" and she's played by one Lina Teal. Unfortunately, Lina does not have any nude scenes in this episode, but she is still very beautiful and sexy. Here's a picture to jog your memory:

I think to myself, "she looks like she may be part Asian." I get on my computer and go to my favorite search engine, Google. I enter "Lina Teal" and click the [Google Search] button. Three sites down, I see something of interest. I click on that link to visit the Natassia Malthe Website. According to the website, "Natassia Malthe" is her real name. "Lina Teal" is her stage name in the U.S. That website also informs us that she is indeed part Asian: Half Malaysian and half Norwegian. She was born on January 19, 1978 in Norway. (I'll do the math for you: That makes her 24 years old in February 2002.)

Going back to Google for a search on "Natassia Malthe" and her official website pops up. It's a very cool website with great Flash animation.

Let's hope we see more of the lovely Lina in the future...

Note that Google has an image search tab that allows you to search the web for images too.

Follow up 2.17.02: Reader David emailed in some nice scans of a swimsuit layout Lina/Natassia did for a magazine.


Meg Ryan is in negotiations to star in an erotic thriller to be directed by Jane Campion (The Piano). Let's hope there will be nudity. Click here to read the full story.


November 1974 Playboy Playmate Bebe Buell (mother of actress Liv Tyler) reminisces about all the musicians she's helped in her life. Click here to read the full story.

2.14.02 - VCR ALERT

Is it summer yet? Sports Illustrated magazine will be coming out with their annual swimsuit issue soon. To remind us, they will be airing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2002 on MTV next week, Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 10pm/9pm central. Click here to find out more.


Victoria's Secret has a new idea: Adding cute things to bra straps. Oh well, at least it gives us an excuse to see model Heidi Klum wearing a bra. Check out the pics at Extra. Hey guys! Remember Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Get something romantic for your sweetheart.


Jacqueline Obradors NYPD Blue

Actress Jacqueline Obradors will be joining the cast of ABC's NYPD Blue as Detective Rita Ortiz. Hopefully she'll be doing the obligatory nude scene soon. Bare Facts readers already know exactly where to fast-forward to see a flash of her buns in Six Days, Seven Nights. Isn't it about time you purchased The Bare Facts Video Guide? Think of all the time you can save! How much is your time worth?


Page 3 Girls

Those great British daily newspapers (The Star, The Sun and others) started a tradition a long time ago of putting a nude photo of a beautiful woman on page 3. The women became known as "Page 3 Girls." A great website from one of those newspapers, The Sun, has loads of great free photos for viewing and downloading. Click here to check out The Sun's Page 3 Girls. While web surfing for research for this blurb, I found another great website called Simply Gorgeous that keeps track of all the current Page 3 Girls.


Collateral Damage

So you went to see the new Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, Collateral Damage and you were most impressed with Selena, the beautiful wife of the bad guy. (I love those lips!) Selena is played by Spanish actress Francesca Neri. Being a European actress, it should come as no suprise that she already has a listing in The Bare Facts Video Guide. You can see Francesca nude in the films Live Flesh and Outrage. If you have The Bare Facts Video Guide it tells you exactly where to fast-forward in those films to view her nude scenes.


Joanie Laurer (a.k.a. WWF wrestler "Chyna") is nude on a recently released videotape and DVD from Playboy. The video is called Joanie Laurer Nude Wrestling Superstar. It's been awhile since Playboy has done a celebrity video tape, so hopefully they will start doing more. The last ones were done in 1997 featuring Farrah Fawcett, in 1996 featuring Shannon Tweed and in 1994 featuring Patti Davis. Playboy has had plenty of celebrities featured in their magazine since then.

Joanie Laurer Nude Wrestling Superstar (2001) VHS

Click here to buy Joanie Laurer Nude Wrestling Superstar on DVD


Jennifer Lopez has delighted the readers of men's magazine FHM by agreeing to her most revealing photo spread ever. Read about it on Infobeat. Bare Facts readers already know that J-Lo has nude scenes in Money Train and U-Turn. Unfortunately, they are only one star nude scenes.



Singer Tiffany ("I Think We're Alone Now") will have a nude pictorial in the April 2002 issue of Playboy magazine. Here's an interview with her from the ABC News web site. Thank you Tiffany. Obviously, this is something that all young singers should aspire to do.
Follow up 2.20.02: Another good example of a singer doing nudity is Vitamin C, also known as Colleen Fitzpatrick. She has a brief nude scene in Dracula 2000 where you get your recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C's breasts.

Dracula 2000 DVD

Click here to buy Dracula 2000 on DVD


There is a humorous and informative web site called The Smoking Gun. The site "brings you exclusive documents--cool, confidential, quirky--that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. Using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide."
They have an interesting section of emails sent by television viewers to the FCC complaining about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that aired on broadcast TV (ABC) in November 2001. Click here to read them.
To those who feel the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is harmful to watch, I have some advice: You should buy The Bare Facts Video Guide because it makes an excellent guide for avoiding nudity! Are you aware there is nudity even in PG-rated films? Some examples include: Waking Ned Divine (1998), First Kid (1996), Radioland Murders (1994), My Father the Hero (1993), Over the Hill (1991), Problem Child (1990), Fall From Innocence (1988), Date with an Angel (1987), Unfaithfully Yours (1984), Sheena (1984), Still of the Night (1982), Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) and more! Horrors! All the hard work screening these and other decadent films has already been done for you. Buy copies for all your friends! Thank you.
In case you missed the fashion show on television, Extra's web site has photos. Click here to go to their web site, then click the "Photos from the runway" link on the right. They have some video clips too.


John S. writes in with this interesting lead: Australian/New Zealand actress Kerry Fox is stirring things up by having real sex in her latest film, Intimacy. Very brave! If you find that hard to swallow, read the intimate details here. Bare Facts readers probably know her best from Shallow Grave, where she had a brief bare breasts scene with Ewan McGregor.


Former "Baywatch" beauty Pamela Anderson said Thursday she would like to retire from acting within two years and maybe perform as a stripper on boyfriend Kid Rock's concert tours. Read about it on CNN.

2.2.02 - VCR ALERT

Actress Jessica Paré, a Canadian actress who is not well known in the US yet, plays the lead role in a film called Stardom, that will be airing on HBO at 1:05 am Sunday night (Monday morning) February 4. By coincidence, I rented the DVD today and found a very, very brief nude scene by the voluptuous Jessica at about 1 hour and 8 minutes into Stardom. The scene probably looks better on DVD, but if you want to check out her brief nude scene yourself, it occurs after she is filmed in bed with a guy and in the bathroom with pixelated squares covering up her assets. Immediately after those shots, there's a shot of her yelling at the cameraman and running after the camera where you get to see about 5 or 6 frames of her breasts. I would rate her nude scene between a one star or two stars, although I'm leaning more toward the one star rating.
Follow up 2.4.02: Reader Kip writes: "The version of Stardom that will play tomorrow night is an unmasked pan and scan version that will show brief lower frontal nudity. The DVD only has the widescreen version so you can't see it." Thanks Kip!

Click here to buy Stardom on DVD


Actress Selma Blair has a sex scene in a new film called Storytelling. Apparently, MTV deemed that it was inappropriate for their young viewers for Selma to even be interviewed about the film. The director had to place a big red box over the scene in order for the film to get an R-rating instead of an NC-17. The article didn't say anything about nudity, so let's hope for the best! Read about it on Infobeat. Sounds like this will be another film that will do poorly at the box office and great at the videostore!
Follow up 2.4.02: Reader David writes: "Yes, Selma Blair does indeed have a nude scene in the new film Storytelling. In fact, the movie opens with her having sex; we see her breasts. It's a rather lengthy scene but not too titillating. She lost so much weight for this role she looks like she belongs in Somalia. About fifteen minutes later, she strips and stands fully nude, although she does not directly face the camera. Her professor then thrusts her up against a wall and enters her from behind--this is the scene that the MPAA objected to, prompting the red box. My guess is it will be restored for the DVD, although I doubt it will reveal a whole lot more of Selma." Thanks David!

Storytelling (2002) DVD

Click here to buy Storytelling on DVD

1.25.02 - ONE TO OWN

The film Dancing at the Blue Iguana is now available on videotape and DVD. (The DVD costs much less than the videotape. The DVD is priced to sell and the videotape is priced to rent.) I reviewed the DVD, so I don't know if the videotape contains the additional features that the DVD does. The DVD contains a short documentary that Daryl Hannah made about the real life strippers who inspired her for this film.
This is one DVD you should definitely add to your collection! It features nude scenes by no less than six actresses: Daryl Hannah, Sandra Oh, Jennifer Tilly, Sheila Kelley, Charlotte Ayanna and Kristin Bauer. All of the actresses play strippers in this film. They all show their breasts and some buns while wearing their thongs when doing their dancing. If you're a full frontal nudity fan, you'll be a bit disappointed since the actresses keep their thongs on. While all of the actresses (except for Charlotte Ayanna) have already done nude scenes, the ones in this film are some of their best.
I can't think of another recent film with this many well known actresses doing nude scenes in it. Showgirls had a lot of nudity, but only three actresses were famous: Elizabeth Berkley, Gina Gershon and Bobbie Phillips. Contrary to what most critics have said, I think Dancing at the Blue Iguana is an interesting film. The acting is great, especially if you know that the dialog was improvised by the actresses.


Click here to buy Dancing at the Blue Iguana on DVD


The film Maze, which features a great nude scene by Laura Linney will be out on videotape and DVD on February 5. Maze originally aired on the Starz cable TV channel back in April 2001. For those of you without cable or satellite TV, now is your chance!


Click here to buy Maze on DVD


I read two interesting stories on InfoBeat:
In the first, actress Mira Sorvino claims that some of her thespian friends have admitted to her that they have had real sexual intercourse during the filming of love scenes when they were supposed to be "acting." Click here for the full story.
In the second, Marc Forster, the director of Monster's Ball, explains that he had to cut some of the Halle Berry/Billy Bob Thornton love scene to reduce the rating from NC-17 to R. He says the cuts will be added to the European version and the DVD. Yea!

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