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Cinemax aired 13 episodes of Hotel Erotica last year from October through December 2002. Cinemax is now showing episodes again on Friday nights. If you didn't look carefully, you'd think they were just repeating the first 13 episodes, but these are new episodes. Don't miss them!

8.21.03 - QI SHU

You may not know Qi Shu's name, but you have probably seen her recently in the film The Transporter.

Qui Shu from The Transporter

You may have also seen her in a Jackie Chan film called Gorgeous. She's from China and has recently begun making films for English speaking audiences. Fortunately for us, she wasn't shy in some of her Chinese flicks. She's got a nude scene in Street Angels and a lot of nudity in the erotic comedy Sex and Zen II. (Why don't they make any erotic comedies in the U.S.?) You can purchase either of those two films from our friends at Tai Seng Video Marketing. When you go to their website, under "Genre," select "Adult", then search for these two titles:

Street Angels Street Angels

Sex and Zen II Sex and Zen II

Tai Seng

I saw the DVD below in a local videostore and had the feeling that it might contain material for Bare Facts fans. Happily, it did! It looks like something that her boyfriend may have shot with a camcorder for her modeling portfolio before she became popular. I forgot exactly how long the video is, but there is about 30 to 40 good minutes of her simply posing naked! The editor gets carried away sometimes with the cheezy video effects, but there is still a lot of excellent footage.

There is no English anywhere on the cover. I had a Chinese friend translate the cover and basically the title is called "Qi Shu", her name, so it will make it difficult to ask for and find online or at the local videostore. Good luck.

Qi Shu

The Transporter (2002) DVD

Click here to order The Transporter (2002) on DVD

Gorgeous (1999) VHS

Click here to order Gorgeous (1999) on VHS

Follow up 6.24.03: "Gun" writes in with this tip: "FYI: You can also find Shu Qi listed as Hsu Chi on video credits. If you go to, you'll find some great nude pictures of her! Or search Google images with the filter off."

"Seeker" writes in with this tip: "I searched the web and found this website: The HK DVD Store. They have that movie in DVD (they call it 'Shu Qi - Bare Naked') and some more movies of her where she appears naked. Just search using her name 'Shu Qi' because that one works."

HK DVD Store

6.24.03 - OUT OF ORDER

Showtime has been airing a new series called Out of Order on Monday nights. Watching the previews that Showtime was airing a month ago, I had a feeling that Justine Bateman might be doing a nude scene because of the cleavage she was showing and the suggestive dialog that she had with Eric Stoltz. I'm happy to report that in last nights' episode, titled "Follow the Rat", Justine shows us her breasts! Little Mallory from Family Ties, all grown up!

It will air again on Showtime on (Eastern/Pacific):

June 29 at 11:30pm
July 28 at 10:00pm

It will air again on Showtime Too on (Eastern/Pacific):

June 24 at 9:00pm


Our sympathies go out to Halle Berry. News reports state she broke her arm while working on her latest film, Gothika. This article states that she has a nude scene in it. One that sounds really good. Mmmmmm.

Follow up 1.24.05: If there was a nude scene in Gothika, it must have been left on the cutting room floor because it is not on the DVD.


I have had the pleasure to watch The Matrix Reloaded twice already. The first time I saw it, I must admit I was a bit disappointed--probably because I was expecting so much. The second time was much better, I enjoyed it more. So my advice is to lower your expectations when you go see it. Make sure you stay past the end credits because there is a short trailer for The Matrix Revolutions. The most important part of The Matrix Reloaded for Bare Facts readers is: Where can I see Monica Bellucci naked?

In The Matrix Reloaded, Monica plays Persephone. In the film, she wears a sexy white dress (meow!), makes Keanu Reeves kiss her, then helps out our heroes which angers her husband.

Monica Bellucci

Interestingly, Monica has previously worked with Keanu before in Bram Stoker's Dracula back in 1992. If you recall, there were three sexy Vampire Brides. When I reviewed the film many years ago, I couldn't identify which Vampire Bride was who. Monica Bellucci has been acting mostly in Italian films since then. Recently, she has started doing films that are finally shown in the U.S. The first one being Malena in 2000. Since then, she has acted in several U.S. films: Under Suspicion (2000) with Gene Hackman and Tears of the Sun (2003) with Bruce Willis. Knowing what Monica looks like, I watched Bram Stoker's Dracula again and am happy to report that Monica is actually the only one of the three Vampire Brides who have any nudity. Monica's breasts are seen when she rises from Keanu's bed between his legs at 32 minutes in. Her left breast is also seen when she is licking blood off her finger at 56 minutes in. (I'll need to watch the DVD to get the DVD's times.)

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) DVD

Click here to order Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) on DVD

Monica also has some good nude scenes in Malena. By the way, Malena is a good film to watch at regular speed.

Malena (2000) DVD

Click here to order Malena (2000) 0n DVD

Follow up 6.24.03: Frank wrote in to inform us that the Italian version of Malena has more nudity by Miss Monica than the US version. He mentioned two Italian websites where you can buy the DVD online. Check out or Note that it is the PAL version, not NTSC, so make sure your DVD player can playback PAL.

Carrie-Anne Moss does not have a nude scene in The Matrix Reloaded. For that you'll have to buy or rent the videotape of Soft Kill (1994). Carrie-Anne has a brief breast scene in Soft Kill at 1 hour and 10 minutes in (rated one star). The only nudity in The Matrix Reloaded is a brief shot of Keanu's butt crack when he's lying in bed with Carrie-Anne at the end of their love scene and the camera is tracking backwards--and who cares about that? Also, some of the female dancers in the Zion rave party are wearing sheer fabric tops.
Follow up 5.19.03: Matt writes in to remind me: "Carrie-Ann Moss also has some nude scenes in Red Planet." Correct you are Matt! At 7 minutes in you see very brief side view of her left breast, when taking a shower, then a medium long shot, of her buns hidden by fog on glass. Finally, very, very brief side of her left breast, when getting out of the shower after Val Kilmer enters the room.

Jada Pinkett Smith looks fabulous in The Matrix Reloaded. Remember that her "nude" scene with Allen Payne in woods in Jason's Lyric (1994) was done by a body double. You do get to see a brief glimpse of Jada's buns under her dress during the love scene in the store at 1 hour and 15 minutes in.

4.12.03 - VCR ALERT

Rick wants to let us know that the 1978 film, Fyre will be airing on Showtime this week. I have never seen this film, but readers have been telling me for years that Donna Wilkes has a nude scene in it. Fyre is either very hard to find or it was never released on videotape and only shown on cable TV. It will air on Showtime on Monday night/Tuesday morning (April 14/15) at 3:00am Eastern/Pacific time. Thanks Rick!


The Beastmaster is available on DVD. Tanya's nude scene in the pond is still in there and it is still rated PG. There is a hidden Easter Egg on the DVD that includes outtakes with additional nude scenes by Tanya Roberts. Click here to read about how to access the hidden scenes from There is only one minor mistake in the DVD Easter Eggs website description: The outtake scenes are shown in Widescreen, not Full Screen format. Here is a screen capture from one of the Easter Egg scenes:

The Beastmaster (1982) DVD

Click here to order The Beastmaster (1982) on DVD


We all know that Christina Ricci has a nude scene in Prozac Nation. What we don't know is when they are going to release the darn thing on videotape and DVD! Here's some good news: Christina will also have a nude scene in her new film, Monster, with Charlize Theron. Here's a link to a story on Ananova. The best quote is when Christina says "My agent persuaded me to go for it. She keeps saying 'You have beautiful breasts'." We need more agents like that!
Follow up 3.13.03: Good news. Prozac Nation will have a limited theatrical release starting tomorrow, March 14.
Follow up 4.12.03: Chris writes in with more explanation: "Monster is going to be a women-in-prison flick. Christina will have a love scene with Charlize Theron. The film will be out in November."
Follow up 5.15.03: Frank writes in with another take: "Monster is based on the love affair between Aileen Wuornos (the first convicted female security killer in the U.S.) and her lover Selby Wall. From what I read in IMDB and Ricci sites, the lovers meet in a club. I believe it is the relationship while Aileen Wuornos was committing her crimes, not the relationship in the prison."


Make sure you videotape tonight's episode of NYPD Blue. According to the description on TV Guide's website, "Theo gets an eyeful of his daddy's new roommate." Hopefully, this will be Charlotte Ross' first nude scene on NYPD Blue. (At least as far as what NYPD Blue considers nudity.)
Follow up 2.26.03: Wow! Talk about great nude scenes on network TV! Charlotte Ross' nude scene last night was probably the best nude scene I've ever seen on NYPD Blue. You know, I never realized what big ears Theo had until last night! If you missed it, make sure you videotape it the next time it repeats! The episode title is "Nude Awakening." Charlotte's nude scene is within the first five minutes. You can skip the rest of the episode, it gets a bit depressing.

2.21.03 - BLIND DATE

Good news: Blind Date (1984) with nude scenes by Kirstie Alley and Marina Sirtis is out on DVD.)
Follow up 3.6.03: Mongo writes in with this additional information: "Check out the documentary. It has about 5 minutes of extra footage from the sex scene with Kirstie Alley. It isn't as dark and there are full chest shots. A must check out!" Thanks Mongo!

Blind Date (1984) DVD

Click here to order Blind Date (1984) on DVD


I'm not sure when the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is supposed to be out at the newsstand, but the Sports Illustrated website has some great pictures already! A DVD and calendar will also be available soon.

Don't bother wasting your time with the National Geographic magazine Swimsuit Issue.

2.18.03 - JESSICA ALBA

Save your money: Jessica Alba's "nude" scene now available at your local videostore on The Sleeping Dictionary is done by a body double.

If you still want to order it:

Click here to order The Sleeping Dictionary (2002) on DVD


Good news: Killing Me Softly (2002) that I told you about last month, which was not available on videotape or DVD, will be available on March 25. Killing Me Softly will be released in R-rated and unrated versions, so obviously make sure you get the unrated version. The Movie Channel aired the R-rated version which had some great nude scenes by Heather Graham, so we can guess that the unrated version will have even hotter stuff.

Killing Me Softly (2002) unrated DVD

Click here to order Killing Me Softly (2002) unrated on DVD

Elizabeth Hurley has a nude scene in the film The Weight of Water. It will be available on videotape and DVD on March 4.

The Weight of Water (2002) DVD

Click here to order The Weight of Water (2002) on DVD

2.11.02 - 2002 ACADEMY AWARDS

You might be wondering which 2002 Academy Award nominated actors and actresses have done nude scenes which are listed in The Bare Facts Video Guide-2001 Edition Book or CD-ROM. Here's the list.

Reneé Zellweger is still managing to hold-out. Salma Hayek, Diane Lane and Kathy Bates are nominated for films they also have nude scenes in.

Actress in a Leading Role

Have done a nude scene:

Has not done a nude scene:

Actress in a Supporting Role

Have done a nude scene:

Actor in a Leading Role

Have done a nude scene:

Have not done a nude scene:

Actor in a Supporting Role

Have done a nude scene:

Has not done a nude scene:

1.12.03 - VCR ALERT

Thanks to Leo for this tip: Set your VCR to record Killing Me Softly (2002) this month on The Movie Channel and TMC Xtra. Sexy Heather Graham has a great nude scene in it and the film is not available on videotape or DVD yet. Check your listings for your local time zone.

It's airing on The Movie Channel at:

January 17 at 9:00pm
January 26 at 10:00pm

It's airing on TMC Xtra at:

January 16 at 10:30pm
January 22 at 12:45am
January 25 at 9:00pm
January 29 at 9:00pm

Thanks Leo!

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